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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 17th March to 23rd March 2014

This Week's message focuses on, the importance of communicating with our Inner self, with our Angels & Divine Guides.

Angels say, make communication with your Guardian Angels & Higher Self a regular part of life, just like meditation or exercise. They are constantly there with you, whether you're aware or not. But They can only help, when you ask Them to, as They are not allowed to overstep the Freewill of the Soul.

Daily you're stressed with so many things that you've accumulated not just from your past but constantly absorbing it from your everyday life. You try to pitter patter your hands and feet everywhere outside of you to gain all that is actually inherently resting within you.

They urge us all to stop this frantic External Search and instead take the quiet road within which leads to our Treasures and our own Divine Spark which is the ignition point of everything that we are and that which we shall be.  

Daily take out 10 minutes morning and night, to just silence your mind and not ask or say anything. Just listen to the Silence or anything that comes through from this Silence. After these 10 minutes, just breathe in deeply for 10 counts of inhale and exhale and say the following in your Mind:
"i am not this body. i am the Spirit in this body and that Spirit is God. i am not the Doer. God is the Only Doer and i let my Doer operate through me each breath i take."

Then ask the Angels to help you see this Divine Spark & operate through it in all aspects of your life. Take Their help in all that you wish to change, heal, or transcend and rest assured this Task Force of God will carry out Their duties diligently.

See how your Energies sky rocket in time to come and move you towards or bring to you, all that which is only, for your Highest Good.

Affirmation 7 times morning and night
"I ask, welcome & receive Divine Guidance at all times. Aligned with my Highest Good, all my needs are met and desires are fulfilled."

♡ © Roshani/March2014

Stay Blessed ♡ 


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