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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Is Your Inner Child Suffocating? ♡

Is your Inner Child in a cage, or bound in your toxic chains of suppression, victimhood, humiliation, guilt, blames, hurts or any such patterns that has crushed it?

If yes, then it's time for you to wake up Dear One. Let all those patterns dissolve to the Light. Forgive & Bless all & everything involved, including & foremostly yourself.

Slumber of the Inner Child, culminates to many aspects of the seeming darkness in your life. How long back or ever have you wished to indulge in the simple Joys of life, after your seeming grown up self emerged to existence?
The answer to 90% of you shall be a No.
The reason is that, you have never been taught to self love, self appreciate, or self protect. Being selfish & nurturing your Inner Child with self love, respect, confidence or esteem are 2 separate poles apart as chalk & cheese but yet are on a border of a thin, fine line which you often don't even know exists.

Break free Now, as there is no tomorrow in its real sense.
* Go to a park & walk bare feet on the grass.
* Go get wet in the rains.
* Go & have your favorite Marsh mallow or candy floss.
* Go to the city fair or circus with your children or nieces & nephews, better still; with some orphans from your neighborhood or city orphanage.
* Go spend time at a pet shelter or feed stray animals.
* Go belt out those tunes in the seemingly worst of your voices.
* Go watch your favourite cartoon or an animation movie at the theatre or at home.
* Go get going with your super like hobby class.
* Go & sit with some mad old memory photographs from school or family.

Give yourself 10 minutes each night & ask us to take you back to the memory lane, to the things you loved the most, when you were a child & closest in all aspects, to our Father our Creator.
Once we help you surface the list, then release all judgements & try to implement at least one of the items from the list that emerges.

Each time you do that, strike it off, pat yourself, & take another step. Keep going & watch the magic of Life unfold. What are you waiting for, you gorgeous Creation of God?

This is an alarm for you to sing Happy Birthday to your Inner Child as it gets reborn each time, with your sheer co-creation with Divinity. Let the caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly. Happy Birthday to YOU <3 © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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