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Monday, 16 June 2014

Miracles Happen ♡


Long back while discussing about the seeming sad incident with Yohan told him that message says, Michael Schumacher will come out of coma but no message when.

Today He has come out of coma and is now moved to a Swiss hospital.

Thank you Baba for taking care of the world's most adored Idol. Guess Michael's Soul would now be ready for the new Earthly journey to do God's work in some way or the other.

Interesting aspect was that when the message came have no clue why the famous racer Aryton Senna kept featuring in mind & vision. But will wait for this connection to unfold. Not that I'm anywhere closer to being well read on sportsmen. And didn't even remember the name when it came. Just asked Yohan if there was any called seina or senna or someone and then he gave me the full name as Aryton Senna.

Divinty & its mysteries ♡

#Faith #Belief #Miracleshappen

Jai Baba ♡♡♡

Stay Blessed ♡

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