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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Your World is a Mirror ♡

Have you been draining yourself Dear One, by feeling hurt, painful, resented with the way things are happening in your life, or the seeming way in which the people in your Inner & Outer circle are behaving with you?

We ask you to halt there for a few moments just to know & feel one important fact & aspect of your existence. And that is; All that you're witnessing is comprising of two parts.
One is, that which your soul has decided to experience as per your former expressions in this or another lifetime & the other is, that which you're constantly expressing & emitting in every moment of your Now.

All that is resting within you whether consciously or unconsciously, is churning in your life & becoming symptomatic when it reaches a point of manifestation. This is when all that is inside you, starts mirroring from people, to situations, thoughts & occurrences outside of you.

Take in point your natural God given process of eating, digesting & excreting. What you eat, is what is going to get digested or undigested & then be excreted. Thus what you put in becomes imperative. And only that which you put in will mirror the symptoms of good or bad digestive material that you excrete. This is the law of cause & effect that is operating at all levels.

We ask you to embrace this fact first that your Inner World is reflecting in your Outer World, even before taking any other steps. If you don't embrace this fact, then any of your efforts or healing that you do, is futile.

Take Our help, & leave aside all blames, guilt, regrets about how people or circumstances have been or being with you. Focus on what is it that you emitted to attract that, what are your lessons in that given situation, & how best you can learn or heal, to transcend them.

We ask you to trust in God & HIS Benevolence. Wrap yourself in our love & know all is forgiven, all is dissolved from the moment you truly deeply intent release or repentance. Let your True Inner light shine & get mirrored in your Outer World Dear One. You are only made to Shine this True Light & receive the same mirrored back at you, from the Universe & World around you. <3 © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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