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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Stop operating as a Human Doing & let the Human Being emerge ☆

Stop operating as a Human Doing & let the Human Being emerge ☆

Just read something beautiful from my dear revered Mohanji.
Words resounded in the ears & i Thank HIM for reconfirming some very old channeling. Love you Father <3

These words & aspects were channeled way back & always made to tell all who have been got in my life as clients, students, participants & even friends.
☆ Only when you can be objective that even a sinner has a right to guidance & healing,
☆ Only when you come with the focus on change & not focus on results or outcomes,
☆ Only when you can be empty from within to let the True Guidance flow into & through you,
☆ Only when you can be detached from the consequences of your healing & Guidance knowing that You're not the Doer,
☆ Only when you yourself have fearless, undeterred, unshaken Faith in God, Divinity & thus your Inner self;
Only then shall there be any scope for the Soul to go any higher in any way to help yourself or others.
Only then can we become true Healers, helpers, mentors, coaches, or move onto become Gurus & Master Souls.

There is no magic to prove in Divinity. It knows how much to tell or show us, how much we can take & absorb & when.
Magic & focus on magic is the part of the physical ego mind. Instant change like instant coffee is the doership of the physical ego mind.
If you focus on magic, miracles & instant results, you shall attract exactly those, through superficial short term aspects, people or situations.
If you focus on true inner change, transformation & ascension of the Soul then the right teacher, Guru, or Master shall appear in your life & magic, miracles & even instant results may follow.

What you've accumulated for lifetimes or years in this lifetime cannot be dissolved instantly. So be patient & realistic with yourself & compassionate with your Soul to move to the Light through the path most suited for its Highest Growth.

Holding onto these superficial shortcuts or to dogmatic judgements, ego, fear & beliefs is the biggest block for our soul growth.
The Doing mind wants to fleet from one branch to the other seeking solace & results in what it finds there.
The Being mind knows it's Branch and stays there.
The reason of us called HUMAN BEINGS & NOT HUMAN DOINGS lies within this simple Truth. God shall be found within us, through our Beingness & not our Doingness. ♡ © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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