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Friday, 3 April 2015

Our Life & that of the Planet, depends on the CHOICES we make ☆♡☆

The CHOICES we make not just affect our Life; but the collective consciousness of Humanity and the Planet.

Amul as a company always had their fantastic agency come up with the most innovative advertising, based on current topics. But behind this humor laced ad is a video that has been the most talked about in the last couple of days...

There is a deep important truth that we yet need to learn, even if we are a race that has seemingly conquered the Moon and Space... And that truth is that we have time and again, since eons of lifetimes, failed and faked to conquer ourselves. To realise that all lies within us, and all the outer circus is just a mirror, or a conducive ground to play the match of life.

We have not learnt to live in the true essence of inclusion. We are constantly in conflict within ourselves, and therefore with the world. The man and woman and all species of Creation, have been designed meticulously to complement each other, but all we do is dig the dark side of it all. Neither is complete without either, until each is complete within themselves.

Making visual medium formats or slogans or indulging in talks or actions that generalise any section of the race, shall aggravate more lower energies, and prove to be a greater disaster for all of the already crumbling, Human race. Let each of us man or woman, know our fundamental responsibilities before screaming out for our fundamental rights. The responsibility of the CHOICES we make; day in and day out - in our lives.

Our life for each soul, is Only Our Choice and that set of Choices decided your journey in this incarnation, and what You now do with the New Choices you make, shall decide the future course of your Path, in this and many more reincarnations.

Stop commenting, abusing, lamenting, lashing out; and being a part of all herd mechanism in any form. Because by doing all of this, we are doing no good to the already unhealed brains and souls, who are doing what they do. We are only making it worse by infusing more hate consciousness.

The Planet our dear Mother Earth who is vehemently exploding because of our Karma, and all of Humanity and Creation needs love, and more love, especially in these important times of transformation and transition. Take up the onus and be a Universal citizen as the Choices you make not only steer and lay down the foundation of your karmic journey, but is responsible for the collective consciousness and karmic journey of the Planet, Humanity and all of Creation too.

Love and Blessings to all of us to move towards love, oneness, brotherhood, inclusion, and upliftment of the entire Humanity and Planet consciousness. ♡ © Roshani/April2015

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡
~ Twitter: @roshanishenazz / @MeherRoshani

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