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Friday, 17 July 2015

Angels Speak ♡ Know your own worth; you deserve the best

Have you ever noticed that Rolls Royce or Bentley or many other high-end Brands, don't do rampant advertising? 

Reason: They know the value and worth of their uniqueness and know that those who believe in that worth and can afford to spend, shall come to them. 

Lesson: When you know your value you shall not have to beg people to be your Friend, Mate, or do things to make them stay as friends with you, or cling to them or demand to spend time with you, or to love you. Your inner worth shall bring it all to you without any force or imposing. Love and respect is not demanded. It is commanded. 

Be confident in the Luxury and Uniqueness of who you are. Not everyone can handle or deserve luxury. So be confident about that unique piece which shall be an asset to the lives it's connected to.

Be honest to yourself in what you want in your relationships, work or friendships. Many a times fear of consequences keeps you away from facing these truths and you cling to many people or situations that are unserving in your life. Know that it is important for your Soul to have inner fulfilment, as suppression causes many a blockages that may or may not be visible to you. Open up to receive the best.

Affirmation: 9 Times ~ Morning & Night
"I know my worth and my Inner Truth in all that I think, speak or do. I exercise my loving truth and worth at all times, to all involved. I am worth. I deserve the best and I receive the best in all aspects of life." <3 © Roshani/July2015

Registrations Open for:

15th - 16th August 2015 ~ Mumbai
(Sat/Sun - 10 to 7 pm Both Days)
Empowerment with Divinity and Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner ~ Level 1

22nd - 23rd August 2015 ~ Hyderabad
(Sat/Sun - 10 to 7 pm Both Days)
Empowerment with Divinity and Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner ~ Level 1

6th September 2015 ~ Sunday ~ Mumbai
11 am to 7 pm
Awakening to Abundance Workshop

For Registration / Inquiry Fill the Reach Us form on our website.

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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