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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Youtube Channel Promo Launch ♡ 16th July 2015

"God cannot be explained. God can only be lived." ~ Meher Baba

To Love and Live God in Everyday Life ♡ Youtube Channel Promo Launch on 16th July 2015 in the loving memory of the Birthday of my dearest Earthly Father Bomanshah.

With Beloved Avatar Meher Baba's Grace and the love and support of many loving people, our new YouTube channel Promo launches tomorrow.

Our Channel ~ "To Love and Live God in Everyday Life" From the Silent Awakenings of Avatar Meher Baba - by Roshani Shenazz is a heartfelt endeavor to reach the words of Avatar Meher Baba to humanity with special emphasis on its applicability in our everyday living. This effort is based on our limited understanding and perceptions shared by those involved in the project. Meher Baba is not a religion, but a way of life. Any reference to other great religions or faiths in the talks with guest speakers or otherwise, is but to emphasize Baba’s statement, “I intend bringing together all religions and cults like beads on one string and revitalize them for individual and collective needs.” 

Tomorrow Log on to Youtube Channel and Subscribe to ~ YouTube/meherbaba-lovegod

Please subscribe to the channel and spread the word far and wide and share the message with your loved ones and other Baba Lovers too.

Produced by Meher Roshani Foundation and Connect One.
Channel Content ♡ © 2015 Meher Roshani Foundation

Stay Blessed ♡

In HIS Love,

♡ Jai Meher Baba ♡

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