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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Don't follow or fear God; Just Love and Live HIM ♡

Many a time, I am asked do you follow Meher Baba? Is HE your Guru, or do you follow this one or that one and I always say;
"No I don't follow Baba; I Love HIM and seek HIS Help to do best to Live HIM through this body, and being, because HE is not this or that to me, HE is me and HE is everything outside of me too."

With this beautiful aspect came an entire message, when the Universe shifted gears of my life. The message said that, - "I in this Body had to help and empower people, to recognize their Own Divinity within, and that of others. To unleash their highest potential of their True Self so as to finally become spiritually independent on the Path of Light; to become the very God Energy that we are in all aspects."

When you are 'only' following or 'fearing' God you're merely running after the crust, - the body, which is merely a temporary vehicle of representation for the God Energy to come amidst us. Whereas the form of the Higher Consciousness; within is the real essence of the Infinite and indivisible energy that HE truly IS. The Body is only taken, for us to start the connect as our Mind needs a tangible form to connect to. But that's all to it and we should do our best to use The Grace to move from the Form to the Formlessness of HIS True Being.

We try to read, admire, or learn the teachings or ape them, but may not make efforts or are not able to, or struggling to, actually live them. And this blind following without implementing, keeps us at the same spot like a treadmill - where even though you may have seemingly run 20 kms on it, you are yet on the same spot.

This happens as we try to seek HIM everywhere but within. This too, is created due to our evolutionary Amnesia that we are permanently born with, unless the veils of ignorance and dogmatic belief driven existence, are lifted.

His Infinite Glory as the formless Indivisible Being has to be loved, lived, seen, felt, and experienced, in everyone and everything - in the seeming bad and the seeming good.

And that happens when you start to live the God in You in your daily life; whether directly, or through a Guru or Mentor, who is just like a tuition teacher, helping you to collate information, process your learning, push you to do the homework and ultimately prepare you for the final exam, then you slowly but surely, move to this road inwards where the only person who you shall end up meeting is yourself; that self which is HIM. Once that happens then, You start living the very essence of your inherent True Self of The God Energy.

Instant magic, instant coffee & instant noodles, are non existent in this Path of discovery of you being the God Energy. Any running or dabbling for or through short cuts, and dimly lit roads, without the aspect of co-creating and working together with Divinty, will only end up in sadness, depression and further moving away from the final goal of merging and being that very God that each of us are.

Focus only within and for the within, as all of the several Universes are all existing within you. Only persistent, and patient co-creation with Divinity, shall bring the Highest Good and Best into our lives.

In my humble capacity, I bring no external Light, or knowledge as such, but only endeavor to shine my Inner Light upon the World and help people to know where their 'main switch' to that Inner Light is.

When each of us awaken this sleeping Energy within us, we shall Awaken the all powerful, loving, compassionate and benevolent Being; The God, that is within each of us. And when we Live HIS true essence; All separation dissolves and We and HIM become that which we are - ONE ♡ © Roshani/July2015

Love YOU Baba my Eternal Everything in All YOUR Forms ♡

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Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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