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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

In the Likeness & Oneness of the ONE GOD

In the Likeness & Oneness of the ONE GOD

Has this picture put you off? It shouldn't because that's what we inherently are in this Physical body form.

God has created us in HIS own Likeness & Oneness of Body, Mind & Soul. We still discriminate amongst HIS Creation & our very own Siblings from that One Creator. Religions were never formed by GOD, The different Avatars came down to Earth, to preach a way of Life to make Humanity love GOD for all that HE is, & to move towards The Creator & finally dissolve to merge in HIM. 

We created Religions, out of The Avtars' teachings and preachings, for us to have a more controlled Human Life called Society. All throughout lifetimes, we are only taught to Fear God and end up never being able to have a Loving God, in our Lives. The reason being, Humanity could control Humanity only through One way; and that is through the Fear of the Unknown and the Fear of the Unseen. 

So let's shed all this old mind conditioning of a punishing, fearing God so that we can move towards being God Loving rather than God Fearing & bring in more & more Love & Compassion each day for All of HIS Creation. When we are able to do that HE feels Joyful seeing HIS children as a One Big Happy Family bonded together in HIS essence of Oneness. 

So even if it's a small act, go ahead & do it. Stand up for discrimination, support or comfort a person who's been discriminated, be tender towards the lesser fortunate, share your gifts and you'd be surely contributing to HIS Divine Plan of Love, Peace, Joy & Oneness in Your small, but very special way. ♥ © Roshani/April2013

Stay Blessed 

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