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Friday, 19 April 2013

Relation between The Karmic Energy & The Cosmic Energy

For eons of lifetimes we have been struggling, fighting, and combating the age old question of "Should Spiritual Work be Charged?" There have been varied perceptions and thoughts that one has come across on that front all Life, but one has stood away from judging who's doing what and why. Then came the Divine Timing of my life when i was put into this very same dilemma as i began this Journey as a Lightworker. 

With the permission of the Divine, i in all humility and love, would like to share something with all of You. 

i am just an infant here in the Path of Healing as a Lightworker. i am sharing the below and in No way giving any opinion or suggestion, to the topic of discussion, whether to not charge or to charge, or charge as donation or anything else etc. I am sharing this as I was guided to do so to a Group of Lovely Souls i belong to and then to everyone at Large.
At the onset itself, i humbly give you All my deepest gratitude to bear with me to read this long Blog. The guidance says, that this Blog will or might help many a people to come out of the old mind conditioning and beliefs that have chained us since lifetimes. To move away from such binding perceptions and see the Workers of God as any other Service Workers, who with Gods, Grace and the inherent Gifts that we all have been Given, try to help HIS Creation at Large. Not to say that there is no misuse of the same happening in the World, but without any judgement we leave each one to their own.

One of the first things that the "Source" channelled to me was "to stand away and dissolve all judgement about myself or others or anything as neither I know my own journey nor that of anyone else. And that I will detach myself from all Doership and Outcomes of all that I am made to do on my Path. Thus I humbly pray that i may not be judged for this sharing, as i am not the Doer and these are not my words. And even if i am, i embrace that with gratitude as that judgement also just like all love and gratitude will be put at the Feet of the Source, the Creator as it all belongs to HIM.

This what i'm sharing with all of you, is a channelling that was graced upon me way back in 2010, when i began my healing work journey and when the Higher Mind and Physical Mind were in conflict about how Spirituality can be charged. I kept fighting within that, It can never be and what will people think etc. i Fought tooth and nail on the above conflict, but no answers came, until one day that this came up in a full fledged channelling session the longest one till then....

"what are you fighting for and for whom? Listen to "Me" carefully. Do not worry who "I" Am.  There is something called the Karmic exchange and Cosmic exchange in this universe Karmic on your planet earth and Cosmic beyond it respectively. The cosmic energy is through which you are receiving help for others and bringing them either guidance or healing as a medium and instrument of God and the Cosmic energy is also the space in which you are depositing the seeming issues that "I" (the Source) releases from them. On your planet the only Karmic energy exchange of survival "I" have made you create is money and that money is Energy. The same money is like fire, that makes one cook their daily survival food, and at the other hand can burn that very home if mistreated or taken for granted.

All souls have a calling. Some serve "Me" by living their routine karmic life well, some by helping "My" fellow creations, so by becoming my vehicles & instruments through which "I" can directly operate, while they live their ongoing Karmic lives and some who "I" chose to operate through on a larger humanitarian level. Each of these nonetheless have to Live their Lives in the illusion "I" have created called the Universe and thus abide by the Living Laws of Survival that partly "I" have made you create & some which you have created through your Freewill to go through your own Karmic lessons, tests, and evolution. Living by the laws till you're on Earth is not escapable. And thus even the ones who are on "My" path have to comply by them. Whether you're born or whether you die, whether a marriage or divorce, whether a celebration or illness, whatever you do at any level at the end of time you are exercising the Karmic exchange of money that "I" have made you create. Now whether rich or poor, saint or sinner, all have to execute this Karmic energy for everything.
The difference lies in "Who is exercising or spending that Karmic energy exchange and for whom, in your human words". For some Souls the Calling is to do "My" work while being and living their normal Karmic lives and creating, executing and earning their own Energy exchange of Money, thereby taking the money energy exchange for the Cosmic energy that they utilise for people at large.
For some Souls who have to do "My" larger Humanitarian work, across your planet, someone else has to be made to bear that Karmic energy exchange for their survival and Life Purpose to serve "Me" and "My" Creation.
Now take for instance you or many other channels who work for "Me" and who's Calling is to be my "Maadhyam" (medium) of work, but for that, there are no benefits for you in your Earthly space for the Karmic exchange. You have to still pay for your living, eating, travelling, medical and everything. Does home come free to you because you're doing "My" work, does medical come free to you because you are doing "My" work, does food come free to you because you're doing "My" work? The answer is No. Even the person who is a Doctor, helper, worker or labour is also doing "My" work, does he do it free for you? The answer is No.
When the poor cannot afford it is someone who can share their extra Karmic energy of money to help them for their survival.
The same way when the Soul who is called upon to do "My" larger Humanitarian work, and is guided not to take this Karmic energy exchange for some or all of my Cosmic energy work, there is someone else or some other source, who "I" arrange for to take care of his living and survival and the Life Purpose itself. So all the Souls who you look upon as your Teacher, Guru or Master, is thus in someway or the other looked after by "Me" where "I" use others like you or many to exercise the Karmic energy exchange for their survival and purpose with what you call in your world, donations, dakshina, offering or exchange. 

Also the energy of Karma when not balanced between this Karmic and Cosmic energy creates Soul debts between the two of you, "My" seeming Receiver and "My" seeming Giver.

And the important part here is that, the very thing that you're fighting within that you don't want to charge for the Cosmic energy work that you do, You humans use that same Karmic energy exchange of money to bring me the various offerings that for lifetimes you humans have tried to lure "Me" with. It is humorous for "Me" to see that for lifetimes you keep doing this and still not know that for  "Me" who has created this illusion of Maya for you, all this doesn't exist at all and what you go through is due to your Karmic balances of all such incarnated lifetimes. Thus at times when even after all the offerings you give, you do not get what you desire, you term  "Me" as unfair, unjust and cruel. But the reality which you don't know is that "I" am neither giving you due to your offerings and nor am "I" not giving you due to your offerings or non offerings. What you get or not get is your Karmic balance and account. All I do is deposit "My" Grace less or more and let you run the account yourself.
So move away from this conflict my chlid. You will be guided to take the required Karmic energy exchange for the work you do, as curing a cough is not the same energy exchange as it is to cure a life threatening ailment. The same way the Karmic and Cosmic Energy exchange of what you seemingly give the person from  "Me" and what you take from the person to give back to  "Me" cannot be the same. When need be you will be guided, when not to take that Karmic energy exchange from someone or many, when and what work you will do with or without the Karmic energy exchange of money will be guided at each step. So surrender your beliefs and mind to "My" Supremacy and know "You are NOT the Doer" when you detach yourself from the Doership you will no longer have any conflict of the guidance you receive.
When you buy a car, who looks after it, You or the car itself? It's You and thus if you are "My" vehicle then, "I" will look after you as long as you surrender your steering wheel to "Me".
Go out into the World, I AM THERE WITH YOU ALWAYS."
This Channelling is not meant to preach or teach anything or hurt any sentiments of anyone. This is just a mere sharing of what was channelled to a small medium that is me and in no way is meant to be imposed upon anyone on what they do or not do, in their Lives in this aspect. So i ask for Forgiveness if anyone has felt hurt about any part of what is mentioned herein.

Let's embrace the Fact that we need Maa Laxmi;
The Shiva and The Shakti together to fill us with Strength, Courage, Prosperity, Joy, Abundance of Resources and the Inherent Shakti to help more and more People Each Day in a Better and Better Way.

What we need to remember is; "We cannot Give, That which we don't Have for ourselves". You can give Rs. 5 when you have more than 5 with you, You can Give Love, when You have Love for and within you, You can give strength, when you have it for and within You. 

The channelling herein, means each Lightworker can decide what they feel guided to do, whether to take or not take any energy exchange and how much to take or keep it like a donation of anything that anyone can afford or not afford. But the point here is to understand that in this Universe there is a Cause and Effect & Give and Take. There is no free lunch. It may be free for Someone; But there is definitely Someone else making up for it. 

Take a common example, just like our Facebook. It is free for all Billions of us, the reason being, The energy exchange is coming through another powerful source which is in turn dependent on the number of Free Users that are generated here. So someone somewhere is exercising this exchange for someone else to get it for Free which in real sense it isn't.

So embrace Your Divinity with Grace if you're a Lightworker and do what your Heart & Guidance says about this matter. Don't let, old beliefs, society pressure or any fear govern your decision. If you are the one seeking help, be resigned to the One Power that You will be taken to The Source who has the Astral Contract to me your Medium of Help.

I'm sure GOD won't be in wrath with HIS Workers for receiving the Karmic Energy Exchange & Further utilizing it and contributing to HIS Larger Divine Plan. As HE said, When we are HIS Vehicles; HE will look after us.

i surrender all that i have and will have, to the Feet of BABA, my GOD who is the DOER, THE GIVER & THE RECEIVER.

I put forth my deep Love, Gratitude & Surrenderance at BABAs FEET & HIS Human forms of my Living Masters whose Blessings i am Graced with.

Love, Light, Grace & Abundance to All!

In loving service always,
♥ © Roshani

Stay Blessed ♥

Peace in Your Inner World; Is the Gateway to Divine Success in Your Outer World!!!

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