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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Protective Prayers ~ By Doreen Virtue

Protective Prayers ~ By Doreen Virtue

If you're feeling afraid because of mainstream and alternative news reports about North Korea, please join me in channeling those emotions and energies into prayer. Remember that worry never helped anything, but prayer always helps.

It's helpful to turn off the mainstream news, as that type of news just fuels fear. And right now the alternative news sources are also adding to the fear. Reading/listening to/watching news isn't going to give you more control over this situation.

Yes, the situation is tense and those of us who are highly sensitive to "truth" can feel that there is a lot of false information being reported. That makes it easy for us to fall into the fears about NWO, etc. For those of us who have been through this sort of situation in past lives, we are especially being triggered.

Let's remember that the reason why we LightWorkers are here is to Work. And our Work involves prayer, prayer, prayer. Please pray that your fear is transmuted into strength and faith.

Let's surround North and South Korea, the U.S., China, Russia and the whole planet with layers and layers of energy shields. Let's call upon Archangel Michael to vacuum all leaders of lower energies, to restore their minds to sanity and compassion. The political leaders are children of God, just like you and I. Their egos are insane, as all egos are. They've lost their way, and we can help to restore them to sanity and compassion through prayer and rightful thinking.

SEE the situation as resolved miraculously and peacefully. TRUST in God's infinite divine wisdom, which has solutions to all apparent problems.

The only power that truly exists in this world is God. God's power exceeds any weapons or political maneuvering.

I believe in miracles. Do you?

Love, Doreen

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