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Sunday, 14 April 2013



Angels say, you may have long been dwelling into patterns of lack, scarcity, victim-hood etc. and They earnestly insist that you change that. If you keep yourself drowned in wallowing around in the energies and thoughts of scarcity in any aspect of your life, be it money, relationships, work or health, there is no way that you will find or move towards manifestation of abundance. And thus far often than not you see a different reality from that which you actually desire, of having the desire for prosperity or love or health and the actual lack of it in your life. 

Move your beliefs away from scarcity, where you may be drowned in thinking constantly of what's missing from your life or indulging in toxic conversations that talk about your lacks in life or thinking that you're simply unlucky or that you don't deserve it. Know that your want of abundance & prosperity in all aspects of life is a highly spiritual request and attuned to the Universal law of abundance. Your innermost childhood patterns, beliefs and mind conditioning combined with your karmic patterns is creating your reality. So move towards healing of any such conscious or unconscious patterns and beliefs that may have contributed to you multiplying any lack in your life.

Move away from blaming God & destiny as you have predetermined your destiny but are re writing your future. When you shift your thoughts towards the all abundant Universe and that there is enough for everyone to get, you will be able to draw to yourself, that which you should, but kept away due to your limited thinking and beliefs. 
Your reality is a combination of that which  you've accumulated in the past, and that which you're creating each day in the moment of Now.
So, get up and shine and know that you are a part of the All Abundant Creator who has only good for you at heart. Heal old wounds, erase old beliefs and march towards abundance & prosperity, through your new thoughts, words, beliefs & actions. Ask Angels, Masters or Guides to assist you and They will be more than happy to steer you towards an all abundant life.

Affirmation for this Week Ten times at Night:

"I release and let go of all old beliefs & patterns of lack
. I am a Divine Creation of the all abundant God. I live in an abundant Universe. I attract prosperity & abundance at all times, in all aspects of my life. I am a perfect, healthy, abundant & prosperous Being."
♥ © Roshani ♥ Stay Blessed *

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