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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Good * The Bad ~ Both Don't Exist

The Good ♥ The Bad ~ Both Don't Exist

If we let Grace flow, the qualities of the Grace shall shine and spread into us and through us. The Supreme Power doesn't judge & thus we mortals, though in HIS very likeness, have no rights to judge. Each of us operates from our own healed or unhealed Inner World, through our perceived views, knowledge, and what we absorb and imprint out of all of that.

Very true "that our own knowledge and understanding comes in way" the reason being the old mind conditioning never leaves us, only the new is accumulated over it. For anything new to fill the old has to be emptied.

In Doing there can never be any Spiritual rise.
Its only in the Being that one can even endeavor to Rise.

So stop accumulating knowledge, without emptying what doesn't serve You, and start utilizing the knowledge and transform it into wisdom. When Wisdom operates judging shall cease to exist.

Thus there is No Good or Bad thing, Good or Bad person, only the Relative difference in judging the two is what differentiates one from the other. This judging when diminished, the differentiating factor also diminishes, then it is only in the likeness in what You see is what You will accept.

So, on a lighter note, know that Each of us is the Maggi hot & sweet ketchup "Its just different" :) ♥ © Roshani/April 2013

Stay Blessed ♥ *

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© Roshani/April2013

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