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Monday, 8 September 2014

First ever Wholeistic Living Spiritual Evening & Meditation in Dubai ♡

Our First Skype Wholeistic Living Spiritual Evening & Meditation in Dubai and that too without being consciously planned happened on a Fullmoon <3

Had the most amazing evening with our Angelic Souls in Dubai over a beautiful Skype session. Discussed important aspects & techniques for handling fears, attachments & other toxic emotions. Ended it with a short powerful Anger Release Meditation which left all of them so rejuvenated. The releases were so powerful that both the candles in their room went off...

When the Angels channeled a Fullmoon Anger Release meditation one didn't know why as to do this meditation was channeled there & there. It was pre planned. It was amazing yet again to see how Divinity operates so seamlessly & knows the best for each of us.

Now while we post these pictures, Angel Camelia has gone for Salsa & the other Angels are enjoying a feast hosted by dear Angel Namrata & some Iranian delicacies brought in by Angels Elham & Sapna... It was awesome to meet Angel Layal who joined in from Kuwait even though she wasn't there for the full session... Just seeing their smiles brought in one a sensation of Oneness of our Consciousness. One feels all of them in spirit all the time...

Thank you all my Angels for being there. Thank you Namrata for hosting the session at your lovely home... Love You all & can't wait for December... 

We shall now have these Every Month & hope to see more & more people join us to create a more empowered World.

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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