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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Focus on Your Life Purpose & (Re)create Your Life ♡

Focus on Serving Your Life Purpose & your Life Purpose shall serve you back.

You have to sky rocket & sitting lost is not your life plan. See the lives of all Empowerists, Motivators, Healers, Authors & many others & you shall see the synergy in your trials of life & theirs, as no one got it Easy. The faith & patience within them for themselves, life & God made them break through to become what they did for the world. Today you may be enjoying a good quote written by such people but it is Years of trials & tribulations laced with Faith that has gone into them reaching this point where their words are revered by others.

We Angels are working on your inner self for you to realise that what We are bringing to you, is life changing even though it may take its seeming time to manifest, in the physical plane. 

There is none who is perfect unless Perfected by that God within. Each of you have your own short comings, that seemingly incapacitate you in life. But these in reality, were the ways chosen by your soul to transcend all imperfections & soar high towards the Light. 

Choose these to push the envelope of life, so that they empower & make you recreate, that which you truly are deep within... And deep within, You are perfect, whole, abundant, healthy & complete. Its only the outside picture which is there for you to (Re)create & complete it...

We tell you with Divine faith that; 'Love shall bring it all to you.' Love for yourself that you were seemingly loosing has to come back & come back so strong, never to leave you again. This shall transform you to 'Become Love' itself. And when you Become Love; You Conquer all Gross plane aspects & merge to get aligned with the One Light & One Truth of God. Stop all fears & procrastination & GET READY to Take Off ♡ © Roshani/Sept2014

Registrations are Open for:
Empowerment with Angels & Angel Practitioner ~ Level 1
In Mumbai on 28th & 29th Sept 2014
Log on to our website & fill the Reach Us Form.

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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