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Monday, 8 September 2014

Live in the Sunshine of the Now ♡

Living in fears of the past & fears of the future, only makes you live in the perpetual fight for survival, through negative thoughts of eventuality.
The hypothetical fears & worries not only rob you of your deserving good in this moment of Now, but most often than not, all such seeming worries & fears also manifest itself over a period of time.

So, be in this Now with all the possible positivity that you can, in all aspects of life, however dimly lit they may seem. And even if you feel, positive thinking shall not make you a real Queen, know for sure, that through the vibrations of positivity, you shall only bring about higher energies for yourself,  to be treated like one in your life.
So stop all whining, cribbing, complaining, fearing, or worrying & enjoy the Sunshine of this Moment of Now <3 © Roshani/Sept2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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