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Saturday, 13 September 2014

"Conversations with The Awakener" an Excerpt from the Book by Bal Natu a close disciple of Avatar Meher Baba ♡

Below is a beautiful excerpt from Conversations with The Awakener & a little note on Bal Natu ji from Baba's Mandali. One part which talks about the way Bal Natu ji respected everyone's views while he was compiling the books on Baba is an imperative implementation for All Baba Lovers.
Let us in the same way respect each ones connection with Baba & the way HE decides to connect with them, without judgement, criticism or resentment. Let us lovingly guide Baba's Name into the Ears of HIS Lovers & as HE says; Let HIM work HIS way to the Hearts.

In HIS Love & Glory ♡ Jai Baba


"Bal Natu, one of Meher Baba's close disciples, first saw Baba in 1933, when Baba entered the railway compartment that 14 year-old Bal and his family were traveling in. Only later did Bal come to know that it was Meher Baba he had been traveling with. Bal wrote, "This occurrence was instrumental in kindling the desire to know more about Him."

Bal Natu authored the Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. I-VI and the Conversations with The Awakener series, as well as, The Samadhi, Star of Infinity. He also compiled four books of others' Baba stories entitled, Our Constant Companion, When He Takes Over, Showers of Grace, and Tales of Meher Baba's Love. These books have touched the hearts of Baba lovers the world over.

Being involved with Bal's writing projects was a delight because Bal included all the opinions of those helping in a very loving way. He made us feel that what we thought was of great value and he gave worth to everyone's thoughts about Baba. He was able to clearly stick to what he wanted expressed without hurting the feelings of others."

Excerpt from Conversations with The Awakener ♡

Consoled by Your compassion, l assumed my usual child-like manner with You. Without thinking, I blurted out "If You don't appear in my dreams, its okay. But don't let nasty things disturb my sleep."

"If you think of Me before going to sleep, it will unwind the worries of the day, and l will take charge of your dreams."

"So would it be good for me to think of You for some time before going to bed?"

"Yes, and..."

"And also when I wake up?" I suggested not letting You finish Your sentence.

You showed Your appreciation for my enthusiasm with a smile. Gently You repeated "As you live in My remembrance, there will be less and less selfishness. Eventually, as My Grace washes over you, the 'Real I" shall emerge."

Your expression was so loving, so affectionate, that I found myself asking,
"When do You sleep?"

Again You smiled and then said, "Sleep always remains wide awake in Me."

This cryptic reply, I knew, was beyond my understanding, and I remained silent.

But such thoughts were swept away by the sweet look You gave me as you said "Good night, sweet dreams" And then You left.

As I pulled the sheet over me, I marveled at the way You are able to stoop to my level, share my interests, and yet imbue our conversations with Your inimitable sense of humour and loving patience.

I did sleep well that night.

[Conversations with The Awakener - Bal Natu Pages 57-58]

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