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Monday, 15 September 2014

A Message to all the Earth Angels ♡

Angels know that one knows & feels you all even if we don't speak. One also knows that from your point of consciousness each one is doing their best in that moment. But Divinity keeps nudging one at times to push each of you / many of you, & make you push the envelope so that the stardust of the Shining Beings that you are spreads onto the World. One may push you to the edge, when guided but know Divinity's hands are always holding you.

One appreciates your soul for all the efforts it makes & one wants you to appreciate your soul too. All the tools given by the Universe prove to be rust metal if you don't use them in your Waking Living Life.

Even if you seemingly falter be in awareness of it & get out of it right there. Delete the thought. Know that all is forgiven in the eyes of God, as for God there is No Past there is only, that One Eternal Now.

One wants to remind you again, that you are Not Changing but; You are only dusting yourself off from all the unwanted that has accumulated & being polished by Divinity to move on to just revive & relive that which You already are. And you are a Shining Sparkling Star Angel; the fragment of that Omniscient Omnipotent God.

Be kind & loving to yourself through the process, & be more kind & loving to others during your process, as they still may have time to be in awareness of your process & their own.

With each of you always,
HIS Roshani

♡ © Roshani/Sept2014

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