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Monday, 13 May 2013

Message & Affirmation of The Week ~ 13th to 19th May 2013

This week's message focuses on us prioritizing our Lives.

Angels say, most of you either have been feeling caught up in the web of too many things pulling your strings in too many directions, or have been feeling that all is standstill and nothing is happening. They say, for both that can change, provided you start focusing on your priorities, the projects, the activities that you've been dreaming about or working towards. You've been feeling an inner pull but have been blocking the manifestation for too long due to your unhealed patterns that refuse to leave you.

Any small or big step you take towards marching ahead to this destination of your Life Mission, will be appreciated and applauded by Divinity and your Inner Self. You will see a renewed energy taking over you, as you devote time to things you love and move away from doing all that you did because you had to do it or were pressured to do it. You will feel truly awakened when you start moving towards the Higher Guidance and start investing in yourself. 

Sit quietly in a corner and call upon us. Do some deep breathing and imagine us encircling you. Ask our help to surface you the blocks or draining activities of your life. Then notice the feelings & thoughts that surface. Do not attach your physical mind to it. Notice and write down what pops up first. It could be work, relationships or you yourself who's draining yourself with old patterns.
Then repeat the same and ask our help to surface you the priorities of your life. Then notice the feelings & thoughts that surface. Do not attach your physical mind to it. Notice and write down what pops up first. What are the activities or duties that first surface to you. See if we show you any people or structure, it could denote a person who is important part of your priorities or a workplace that you need to shift towards or a place you need to relocate to.
Then ask us what is the step you need to take today towards your priorities. And whatever surfaces write it down and try to achieve that in the day. 

As you do this daily, you will realize that you're slowly moving towards achieving all your goals in may be baby steps but precise ones, until you are ready for the leap. Feel the appreciation for yourself for walking the path of your inner guidance and see the light you radiate for taking care of yourself and your priorities. 

You will soon hear some good news!!!

Affirmation for this Week 10 times each ~ Morning & Night:

"I devote my daily time to my highest priorities. All steps I take in the direction of my dreams are important. I am provided with all that I need and desire to fulfill my life mission. I take excellent care of myself. I am a prosperous being in all aspects of my life. Everyday I am closer and closer to my goals and life mission."

♥ © Roshani/May2013

♥ Stay Blessed *

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