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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Win People To The Truth by Meher Baba

Win People To The Truth 

A beautiful message especially for Light workers & other Spiritual aspirants/seekers


"You can help others to gain spiritual freedom, and to come out of the illusion of duality, only if you yourself do not lose this idea of unity while working for others. When you launch upon your spiritual work, you will encounter divisions that people desperately seek to maintain, which they accentuate and fortify and strive to perpetuate consciously or unconsciously. You have to win people to the life of Truth, they cannot be coerced into spirituality. You must not divide life into departments and then attempt to deal with each department separately. As spiritual workers, you have to aim at an inclusive and creative attitude to the individual and social problems of life." ~ Meher Baba

We must know that we are only a channel of the Grace and all that unfolds has it's own Divine Timing. You can only bring a horse to the stream, don't try to hold his head and force him to drink the water as it will drink, only when & how much the Soul urges to quench that thirst. Know that each one will come to their own Divinity at their own Divine Timing. Anything that is forced or contrived has no use. So at all times we must only do as much as guiding & then leaving it upon the Freewill of the person to implement the guidance, by being detached with either the outcome of the action of implementation itself, or the outcome of the result of implementation. To treat ourselves & others wholesomely is the only way we can help ourselves & others to internally align the Mind, Body & Soul; and regain our True self of being Perfect, Whole & Complete. ♥ © Roshani/May2013


Stay Blessed ♥ Heal Your Life; Heal Your World