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Monday, 27 May 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 27th May to 2nd June 2013

This Week's Message focuses on Healthy Relationships

Angels ask you to look around yourself and see what kind of people and relationships you've surrounded yourself with. You're not living alone on an island. You're living with several other energies around you that contribute to your growth, lessons or simply draining you. 

They ask you into sit in a quiet corner & reflect upon all your  relationships with family, spouse, work or anyone, or friendships etc. that didn't work for you. Now jog your mind to each one and see why didn't it work and what all had happened to contribute to the moving away. Note that down numbering each relationship. After writing this for each, immediately then write down what did you do or how did you respond or react to the situation, relationship or the person. What are you still feeling or carrying with you about that relationship? Once you do all of this you would realize your Inner Patterns that have been manifesting all these relationships and find a common string in the reasons that you note down.

See what it has done to you and far often than not you would find, the residue of its baggage that you're still carrying. Now this baggage unconsciously is resonating on you and contributing in certain, blocks &  negativity that are breeding in and around you and contributing to your draining, downfall or ailments that your body has manifested.

They ask you to rise up and notice the damage that unhealthy relationships can create. Infuse love & peace in all your relationships. If they seem draining you, then take guidance and simply learn to move away gracefully. But the important aspect is not to move away without learning the lessons which are the prime reasons for you to manifest it in the first place. The lessons could be of unconditional love, sharing, being non judgmental, being patient, having self worth, or any other. Extract that lesson with Divine Help and move away by blessing the people involved and the situation, because you'd never know what Karmas of yours have been nullified or cleared with this situation or actions of the other people. 

But if you fail here, and harbor more hurt, resentment, mistrust, repentance for other, or cursing and ill wishing, then you can be sure that you will be in for one more episode in life that will try to teach the same lessons.

So focus on what is the best way to nurture yourself & your relationships around, do not let yourself be run down spiritually and see every relationship as a stepping stone towards Inner Growth.

Affirmation for this Week 10 times at Night:

"I am loved, wanted, appreciated, trusted, respected, protected & provided at all times. I have only loving, healthy & nurturing relationships in my life. My life is filled with happy, healthy & prosperous people. I focus on my Inner growth to contribute my best towards all my relationships. I am Loved. I am Loving. I am Love."

♥ © Roshani/May2013

♥ Stay Blessed *

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