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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 6th May to 12th May 2013

Angels say; that this week you need to focus and commit to yourself to heal old relationships. In the recent past you would have noticed old relationship energies coming to surface. You may either have experienced the person or the situation in your visions, thoughts, dreams or actually bumped into the person.

For each of you the signs may signify something different. For some it may be that you need to re-initiate your conversations with the said person and maybe there is an underlying misunderstanding that needs to be sorted, cleared or healed. For some of you, it may signify that they need to move towards releasing of all unforgiveness and resentment or hurts connected to the past. You need to release all the toxic energies that have clouded you till now about the person & the situation. Forgiveness will be the biggest favor you will do upon your Soul.

When you get these thoughts or visions or bump into the person, notice the immediate emotions or feelings that emerge. Is it bringing you a twist in your heart or stomach, or is it bringing you compassion and a thought that what happened was not right and that may be you should heal and transcend this relationship.

If it is bringing the feelings of twisting or cringing in the heart or stomach, or of blame, guilt, hurt, etc. know that you need to move away and release the person and the said relationship and its hurtful situations that bind you. 
If the emergence is that of compassion and a sorry feeling, know that you need to take the first step towards, or make some efforts in bridging this relationship. 

Know that every relationship has a reason and season to survive. What is not a part of your blueprint will not be so beyond its time. So do not force it and create more blockages for yourself. Contrived relationships & forced emotions will only block you from your every own growth, in material or spiritual life.

Emotional debris is the worse of toxic energies. The more you hoard on them, the more they engulf you. So move away from all such lower energies and move ahead with love in your Heart.

Affirmation for this Week 9 times each ~ Morning & Night:

"I embrace all my lessons that each relationship has taught. I release all toxins of ego, guilt, blame, hurt or resentment. I am the best of every relationship that life brings me. I forgive my past. I forgive & release myself and others who have hurt me. I move forward with Love in my Heart."

♥ © Roshani/May2013

♥ Stay Blessed *

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