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Monday, 26 January 2015

66th Indian Republic Day ♡

India celebrates its 66th Republic Day with great pride and fanfare. The Republic Day honours the date on which the Constitution of India came into force in 1950.

The original preamble of the Constitution was declared on 26th November 1949. Yes 26.11 is unfortunately only remembered due to the Mumbai attacks but, has more larger and positive significance than that, as this is the day, when India was declared as a "sovereign democratic republic" which in the 42nd amendment of 1976 was changed to "sovereign socialist secular democratic republic." That's pretty big a title but, have we as citizens of this largest democratic civilization lived up to it, & how much is a good question to ask.

~ We all often fight for our so called rights, fundamental or democratic, but have we ever known our fundamental or civic duties, as it's responsible Citizen?

~ We wallow in the mud slinging of this and that which is not good in our country, but have we ever compared the freedom & general safety we have, which many many Countries in the World, sadly do not have?

~ We proudly put statuses of our fights for discrimination & inhumanity, but when Is the last time we have not indulged in it, in some way or another? When is it, that you've not discriminated between religions & stereotypes or otherwise?
~ We crib about the corruption but are ready to loosen up our pocket if we falter at the signals, or to push ahead any official papers etc.

~ We only woke up now towards a Clean Country, whereas if we travel abroad the same person, dare not throw things around & litter, or you shall face the consequences...

So is our Country bad because it's not strict with us, or are we as irresponsible children taking its leniency for Granted, is a Big honest question we need to ask our selves.

This aspect of Governance & not Government, that Mr. Modi rightly declared, is what is truly needed in our Country, where each of us should take up the ownership to do things which are our fundamental & civic / human duties.
Stop waiting for this one or that one to do it. You stand up and do it. If all reformers, scientists & other great souls waited for another to do what they did; God only knows where we, as collective humanity would be.

Today we saw a never before in the history celebration taking place in our capital New Delhi where the Heads of the Largest & Oldest Democracies of the World (India PM & US President) united on one platform, to salute our Country & Countrymen. The fervour & spirit of forging ahead is clearly felt in the air with the dynamism of Respected Prime Minister, dear Mr. Modi who is doing many things to change the core & the face of this simple outline in the Atlas Books; called India. Now we need to do our bit.

~ Do not just contribute to comments & status updates on events that keep happening around us.
~ Do not sit in self sympathy of "Oh what can I do?" Or "Why should I do, when no one is doing it".. This would be like, why should I have a bath or remain clean, if people on the roads can live without it.

So get up from this convenient, blaming slumber & know that, you have the potential to make not just a difference, but a big one. When 1 man operates in an empowered way, he empowers a Society & the World at large.

The larger essence & simple description, of that constitution title above is; "Oneness & Equality." So lets know the true meaning & importance of this day & then do our best to live it each day, then we can proudly with all honesty greet each other "Happy Republic Day."

May God help us to move our lives & that of collective humanity towards our Highest Good & towards Oneness, Equality, & Brotherhood.

♡ © Roshani/Jan2015

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡
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