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Friday, 9 January 2015

Humanitarianism should become a compulsory subject from kindergarten ♡

Baba's Grace today truly made me experience in a much bigger way on what HE meant when it was guided to me 4.5 years back, that when any guidance healing learning or anything is due for someone & to be reached through my soul, then they will be got to me or I will be taken to them come what may. Only HIS Grace can do what happened today. Only HE knows how HE has managed it.

It is disgraceful that #lilavati hospital was holding on the body of a young ex colleague belonging to lower middle class, who had an untimely death. They took undertaking yesterday and said the body would be relieved. Then took back the papers today morning & till half a day kept the family waiting in limbo saying a doctor is in meeting & then he would come & sign some papers.

Then they after another few hours revealed that the family pay the full amount & then take the body. His death had been due to septic and body was fully black blue, & decomposing fast.

#lilavati hospital accepted undertaking for the balance payment last night after 12.65 lac was paid & after checking all documents of expected loan that family had applied & then after keeping the body for more than 19 hours the #MedicalSuperintendent & billing head PB retracted from the acceptance & said they will not give the body till full 2090066 is not paid.

I was doubly shocked & felt is this hospital for Real??? Is this hospital only to treat celebrities & create PR out of treating the rich well?
Does the human who doesn't have money immediately to pay have no rights to be taken for last rites?

Humanitarianism should become a compulsory subject from kindergarten.
This episode sadly shows that Spirituality is way far a goal, we first need to learn the A B C D of humanity and being a true human. It shows how 100s of such cases may be in despair without anyone to look into.

Media friends please help. Anyone who has any reach please help so that no other human & his family suffer such things.

Are formalities and rituals supposed to be for Humanity or we for them, & for us to die, even while being alive.

It's unfathomable how it all unfolded to reach to their home & finally get the body of this dear ex colleague.

When we step away, pray, do our human actions & leave it all in HIS hands to let HIM be the Doer that HE IS, only then miracles of love, grace & faith shall flow.....

Everything is trying to teach us something; teaching us to awaken from our deep slumber of inhumanity....
Are we learning, Are we awakening;
When will we learn, When will we awaken; Are the big questions.... Awaken NOW to Love Compassion Kindness as that is the only way Humanity can move into this Golden Age energies.....

I suddenly started sending prayers as I remembered all the seeming turmoil that #lilavatihospital created in my life 8 years back... praying that humanity has wisdom and light to treat fellow humans & all species of Creation.

Don't wait for anyone to change your life. It cannot happen until you first decide to wake up & work towards it, with constant & diligent efforts to Awaken each day; each moment....

Love, Prayers & Blessings to All. Have an Awakened life ♡ © Roshani/Jan2015

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

~ Twitter: @shenazzn / @MeherRoshani

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