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Monday, 26 January 2015

RK Laxman ~ What a day this great soul chose to move on his Spiritual Journey ♡

What a prolific day chosen by the great loving soul like RK Laxman, the Voice of the Common Man to move to the heavenly abode at the golden age of 94. What a wonderful life of contributing to Humanity through his innate talent & gift of cartooning. Through his cartoons & their tag lines he truly inspired us on what a common man really stands for, and the difference he can make.

I can't believe that just after putting up the earlier Republic Day message with a similar context, we hear about his onward journey. He moved on with his journey on a day that stands for the democratic socialist and secular existence of the Common Man of India.

May we wake up to what he truly endeavored to do all his life; and that was to Awaken the Common Man to his potential. One of his poignant cartoons based on the path to be a free Republic, has been attached here. Thank You RK Laxmanji for all that you did to help us Awaken our true spirit.

May your soul Rest in Eternal Peace. Have a loving journey back home towards our Eternal Father ♡

Love Strength and Prayers to Laxmanji's family and loved ones.

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