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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Master the mad horses of the Mind ☆

"You are the Master of your life; When your physical ego mind is not riding you." ~  Roshani Shenazz

Have you ever thought on how much you think, without thinking, or even realising that you are thinking? Try to close your eyes for a few seconds or imagine what happens, when you close your eyes for meditation. Hundreds of more thoughts pour in, which did not even exist, 5 seconds back. Why do you think that happens? That happens, because the physical ego mind, is not in your command to listen to the instruction - "now be quiet I am sitting for meditation." And in fact, to revolt the very aspect that, how can you do anything the mind doesn't want you to, it gushes in more thoughts in seconds, even the ones, that were sublime.

Can you imagine, what your mind does to you in 24 hours, considering the power it shows you in those few seconds? It is riding you constantly in the direction it wants, unless you take the reins in your hands. The mind is like a chariot of hundreds of horses all going in different directions, until the reins are held tight, & all are focused & directed to move in an aligned form towards, one single direction.

That is what you have to do to deprogram your mind & program the Higher Mind to awaken; To take the reins in your hands; the hands of the Higher Mind, the Heart, or the Source, whatever you term it as. Start practicing to stop your thoughts for at least 30 seconds daily. If they come in, let them pass. Do not judge or chatter with them. Do not fight with them, on why they are pouring in. Keep deep breathing, & just fix your heart on thoughtlessness.

Each day of this diligent practice, shall help you to slower the thoughts. Each week, try to increase the duration a bit. You shall slowly experience, that it is You, the Higher Mind that is deciding when to have the thoughts & what kind. Keep going on with this practice, even when you feel you have mastered, to have a thought when you want, & of what kind.

You can do this even during the day when any seeming negative or fearful or worrisome thoughts come. Just go aside, from what you are doing for a few seconds, or just be there & try to focus on being thoughtless. Keep affirming & rattling, "I am thoughtless when I want to be."

The joy, the peace & bliss, that you start experiencing, when you master this physical ego mind, is unimaginable. The stillness, ad well as all the activity in your life, shall both be centered & balanced. You shall no longer be a slave to the mad horses up in your head, & instead, start emitting your calm glow of the White shining light of the Divine Glory of the God energy within you. You then start moving steadfastly, gracefully & powerfully towards the goals of your life. ♡© Roshani/Jan2015

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡
~ Twitter: @shenazzn / @MeherRoshani

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