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Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Year of Number 8 & Transformational Guidance for 2015 & Beyond ♡

Th year of 2015 is a great year in many layers for all the forms of creation. It is t powerful year of the "father of all numbers", which is the dynamic 8 (2+Do this before sleeping which is the best time or morning if you wish but keep that same morning or night option for full 21 days.

Read the full para of the point no of the affirmation and let the words sink in. Then breathe in and out for about 21 breaths till you feel calmer. 

Then say the affirmation 9 times for a period of 21 days cycle. If you miss a day start as day one again.

Then when you finish affirmation 1 for 21 days go on to the next one. And so on.

In case you realise that affirmation of point no XYZ resonates very strongly in your life then do that for 2 cycles or more of 21 days as per your need.

Feel the energy of the words sinking in and getting imprinted in your mind body and soul.

Then close it by thanking God energy (whoever you believe in) and your guardian Angels and guides.+1+5). This 8 represents the opposite energies of the dual nature of the illusionary reality that you live in. The duality exists in its energy -- the number of the black hole and also its complete opposite, the number of destiny, transformation, infinity and abundance. Termed as the number of the black hole, 8 is written in a spiral where you can keep moving over the number without lifting your hand and can come back to the start point. What it represents is being caught in the loop of things with no way of getting out.

Now if this loop is positive, then it is great, but if not, then it shall prove detrimental to your soul's growth. Number 8 symbolises that you shall live in the spiral you create which could either be the spiral of the seemingly negative which are fear-based energies, or the spiral of the positive love-based energies. Thus this 8 shall represent one key aspect of energy at any given point in time. And this key aspect shall be the one which you have been consciously or unconsciously focusing on.

It is especially a great year of transformations and infinite possibilities for all those who have worked upon themselves to change and heal from their own limiting beliefs, dogmatic patterns, and self sabotaging processes. It is the beginning of a wonderful abundant journey for those who have successfully closed their "karmic" chapters, learnt their specific soul lessons, and moved ahead with love and forgiveness. All in all, 2015 is a potent, dynamic year of elevated energies, as you move further ahead into the golden age.

The divine guidance has gifted powerful 11 ways - The A to A (awareness to abundance) transformational tips, along with powerful affirmations, for "WHOLEistic living", so that you live in the positive spiral of these oncoming highly influential energies.

Implementing each of these guided perspectives into your life, you shall create a dominant shift that shall bring to the fore your optimum and unsurpassed potential. It shall raise your vibrations to match your highest good in life, and bring to you all the resources required for the soul to live a balanced life - between your earthly as well as your spiritual pursuits. (The top Circle of figure 8 represents your "spiritual pursuits" and the bottom circle, represents your "earthly pursuits". The intersecting point is the "point of balancing" where both circles are equal.) This balance shall further move you, higher and higher, deeper and deeper, and more towards that God/source energy, that is the thriving spark of all existence.

1.) "Awareness" brings "freedom" to the soul:

Awareness is the first step towards any change. Only when you are aware of the things that you are either doing wrong, or not doing at all, will you ever move towards making efforts that will make a difference. Awareness is just not about larger things in life, it is actually about the little things in life that create the big effects. Most often, you are like a delicate leaf that blows and gets carried away with the wind. This happens when you operate out of conscious unawareness and keep doing the same things at a deeper level, expecting a change to come your way. As you shift your awareness towards the mechanism of small things in your life such as awareness of your body and its functions, and awareness of nature and its existence with myriad species of creation, you shall start seeing a different world. This shall make you aware of the very essence of your thoughts, words and actions. When you start seeing and operating in this different world of awareness, you shall free your soul from the confines of living in ignorance and unawareness.

Affirm: "I consciously choose to be in awareness of all that I think, believe, emote, feel, speak, and do. I am living in the awareness of each moment of now. I choose my soul to be free. I live in conscious and liberated awareness."

2.) "Responsibility" brings "initiative" for creating the change:

After being aware of how things are around you, take responsibility for all the seeming mess and the good created. When you take responsibility, you take back your inner power which you may have temporarily given to various people or life situations and accumulated guilt, blame, or resentment for the self or others in the whole process. When you start operating out of that "awareness of your divine intellect", you bring an end to this vicious pattern of irresponsible, blameful or guilt-ridden way of living and take responsibility towards shaping your life ahead. This responsible attitude empowers you as you take the initiative to create that much desired change; the change which shall usher in a new reality.

Affirm: "I consciously take complete responsibility for all aspects of my life. I empower my life through understanding my fundamental responsibilities. I take requisite initiatives through my human actions to manifest a new positive reality."

3.) "Acceptance" brings "courage" to embrace:

As you go through this process of your newly acquired awareness, it is imperative for you to start accepting this "new" you. The older self which was driven by the "ego (physical) mind", is still very much thriving and shall do all that is within its capacity to detour this "new" you. Accept and embrace this unfolding of a new person without judgment or self criticism. Stop worrying about what other people will think. Leave the naysayers to themselves. That's their business while your business is being yourself at your optimum best in your thoughts, intent, words and deeds. You have to stop spending your time trying to control events, people, or situations around you. All conflicts and struggles attempting to change other people or other external factors will be futile until you zoom in with your own life's lens and focus on the internal. When you shift your focus to that inner power which has the capacity to bring about transformation, you will also start embracing the responsibility of creating the former unserving aspects of your life. Thus you will gradually move away from your older blame games where you lent away your life's remote control to other people or life events. The only point of change in the universe is "you", and the sooner you accept this, the smoother shall your path be to transformation.

Affirm: "I embrace and accept myself for all that I am in all aspects of life. My complete acceptance brings me the courage to endure and flow with the change and that which is unchangeable. I stand in my inner courage to accept and speak my loving truth at all times".

4.) "Balance" brings you the "energy" to operate:

The entire Universe operates on the principle of balance. Balance is existence. Your body is balanced on two legs and is in symmetry on both sides. Your body needs a balance for you to have optimum health. The law of cause and effect (law of karma) operates through balance and so do all forms of creation. Anything that is imbalanced will fall off the cliff sooner or later. Look around and scan your entire life. What areas show signs of imbalance? Work with your "guardian angels or God energy" to decipher these areas where you observe imbalance. Are you tilted more towards your work, leisure, cravings, or family, where one is suffering for the other, or have you been internally cringing and suffering due to either? Whatever may be the case, start bringing your life into balance now. When you strike upon this centred balance, you will begin to gain more momentum and high energy in your life and actions. You will be able to complete your tasks in time and with ease. This energy is so powerful because it is generated from the balance and harmony between your mind, body and soul. This further brings more clarity and focus in everything you do.

Affirm: "I am a balanced being in all aspects of my life. My inner balance is restored through my centred living. With my inner balance, I have focus and clarity in all that I do, as I am high on energy to operate at my highest potential."

5.) "Forgiveness" brings "empathy" to understand:

You may have a list of people either to forgive or to seek forgiveness from. The bottom line is that there is always some forgiveness which is pending unless you have been in complete awareness of it all. Most of the times, you first need to forgive yourself, for things that you may have done or not done at all; for the seeming wrong decisions that you might have made, or for the burden of guilt and shame that you might be carrying. There will be many around you, who might be seemingly unhealed in their own space and are struggling with themselves. Such inner conflicts often create external storms; as a result many sensitive souls get carried away in that storm and drown in it, as they too are unhealed in some respect. When similar frequencies meet, you often end up feeling drained. When you lift yourself to higher vibrations by strengthening the roots of your existence to maintain your mental equilibrium and centeredness, you will no longer be carried away by either -- the inner conflicts or external storms created by others. In fact, you will be calm and peaceful to pray for them and will be able to send across loving energies that will help their hearts to heal. You shall then understand that each of you is operating out of your healed or unhealed energies at any given point in time. This understanding then confers on you the ability to know the difference between superficial sympathy and heartfelt empathy.

Affirm: "I have the innate ability to forgive. I forgive and release myself and others who have hurt me. I move forward with love in my heart. My heart is guided by the essence of divine empathy which strengthens my bonds with life and relationships."

6.) "Gratitude" brings "appreciation" for self and others:

It is true and beautiful, that the best things in life such as love, compassion, gratitude and kindness are available free of cost. Considering the fact that most things that come free or easy are not valued much, you tend to disregard these blessings. You unknowingly carry these voids in your heart and end up whining, complaining, feeling victimised or guilty. Please stop this right now. Replace these negative thoughts with at least three things that you feel you are blessed with. By practicing gratitude, you will be able to transform your negative energies. There can be no better resolution than making the act of gratitude your seamless companion. So, for the New Year 2015:

* Make a list of all those things that the universe has already blessed you which you have forgotten to be thankful for, so far.

* Make a list of everything that is currently serving you, loving you or giving you joy and happiness or that which you feel blessed about in your life -- your wonderful family, friends, spouse, home, job, clothes, accessories, car, computer, house help, be it anyone or anything. Also feel grateful for all those people and events that hurt you.

* Once you make the list, read out loud each one of them and

Affirm: "I give gratitude to the universe for bringing you to me. I give you gratitude for serving me along my life journey and my soul lessons. I give gratitude to all that was, all that is, and all that shall be, in my life."

7.) "Patience" brings "compassion" towards one and all:

Be patient. Good efforts may not be always rewarded right away. Keep working on yourself, with persistent focus. Always remember that you are not in any competition with anyone around but with your lesser serving self of yesterday. You must endeavour to better yourself each day with deep patience and perseverance. When you have arrived at a balanced approach with patience, you will be able to work with more compassion towards yourself and others as well. This compassion emerges from the patient belief that every individual walks his own journey and is hopefully doing his or her best to better themselves each day.

Affirm: "I exercise patience at all times. I am patient for receiving my highest good in my divine timing. I have an inherent fountain of compassion that is ever flowing. When I am patient, I am compassionate to myself and others at all times."

8.) "Commitment" brings the "ability" to implement:

Commitment is not about being in a relationship with anyone or anything. Commitment is first what you have with yourself, your Soul and its divine existence. Bring in a sense of commitment to the seemingly trivial and everyday aspects of your life. Commitments to not slander, backbite, or belittle anyone, including your own self. Commitment to focus on doing one thing, at any given moment, such as not attending or using your phone, when you have your daily meals. Once you are able to make these internal commitments seamlessly, you will be able to deliver commitments to situations that are outside of you. One may start by practicing a daily or monthly thing, which is promising yourself to doing at least one good deed and at the end of the month, commit to give something such as a certain percentage of your earnings to a charitable organisation, or give back through your time and kind efforts. With this, you shall learn to see the best in everyone, and they shall appreciate your kindness for the way you made them feel with your presence. When you start living by your commitments, you nurture your ability to implement them more and more.
Affirm: "I have complete clarity of all that I commit to in life. I see through my commitments with ease and grace. I have the divine ability to implement all that I commit to in life."

9.) "Implementation" helps you to "contribute" to life at large:

Implementation is the key to any change towards transformation. Nothing changes if you don't put the "divine knowledge" to practice. If you do not act in harmony with your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions, then no rules of The Secret or the "Law of Attraction" will manifest themselves. When you put your life into implementing this magnanimous change, you also start contributing to life in a much larger way. The best of you starts surfacing, that proves fruitful for your personal growth as well as the community. You become a contributing catalyst to superior change on the planet, which in return contributes to your personal growth and ascension, and that of the collective consciousness of the universe.

Affirm: "I implement all the divine guidance that comes to me. I implement all the divine knowledge that is bestowed upon me through my life's learning. I contribute to the world by being the best of what, and who I can be. I contribute positively to my personal and universal ascension."

10.) "Change" invokes the inner divine "wisdom":

As every moment is different from the other, the emphasis should be on living every moment whether planned or flowing with the un-planned. You arrive at this only when you are seamlessly merged with the flow of life. After awakening the soul to these important learnings, the true divine wisdom surfaces -- you no longer seek any material knowledge but metamorphose into the very source of knowledge that you sought earlier. Simply, you shall start to breathe in the flow, and breathe out the flow. You shall now consciously and effortlessly be doing your human best and leaving the rest in "his hands". When you start living in this phase of detached living, then the inner wisdom helps you to surrender to the infinite high power. Once you reach there, nothing will ever fear or worry you, and you shall live happily in the faith of divine love.

Affirm: "I flow with life with ease and grace. I embrace all change as it brings to me the divine wisdom. I trust my inner divine wisdom that helps me to live in surrender and love of God."

11.) "Abundance" will flow and you form a deeper "connect" to the source:

The deep absorbing, understanding, unlearning, releasing, shedding, and finally living, all of the above, is the only way, through which you shall open the universal floodgates of the ever flowing abundance, in all aspects of your life. As you do these affirmations and live them, you shall establish a deeper connect with the "divine source" within, that had been lying dormant since eons of lifetimes due to accumulated karma.

Affirm: "I am an infinitely abundant being. I am abundant and connected to the one consciousness wherever I am. Abundance is me. I am the infinite source of all creation."

By living this powerful guidance of the 11 Transformational Ways & Affirmations, you shall not just have a stupendously divine 2015, but a life of being the divine source itself from here on.

Be in awareness of every emotion, feeling, thought, word and deed. Everything is in an accelerated speed. Be watchful of what you are unleashing. Make gratitude and kindness your default nature. Water the soil of your soul, with the sparkling divine waters of balanced living. Know that this divine guidance is beyond the dated year. It is the essence of your very existence. Breathe in the fragrance of this guidance into your waking life, and see the unseen magic unfold.

Do the affirmations before sleeping which is the best time, or morning if you wish, but keep that same morning or night option for full 21 days.

Read the full para of the point number of the affirmation and let the words sink in. Then breathe in and out for about 21 breaths till you feel calmer. 

Then say the affirmation 9 times for a period of 21 days cycle. If you miss a day start as day one again.

Then when you finish affirmation 1 for 21 days go on to the next one. And so on.

In case you realise that affirmation of point number XYZ resonates very strongly in your life, then do that for 2 cycles or more, of 21 days as per your need.

Feel the energy of the words sinking in and getting imprinted in your mind body and soul.

Then close it by thanking God energy (whoever you believe in) and your guardian Angels and guides. 

Each of these 11 Powerful ways along with affirmations, are for you to infuse in your daily life to create the Positive Spiral... ♡ © Roshani/Jan2015

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡
~ Twitter: @shenazzn / @MeherRoshani

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