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Monday, 11 May 2015

Are you looking for a job which has a life purpose?

Are you a young dynamic girl, seeking your path in life, who has a long term vision to nurture your own Spiritual and Earthly pursuits, and wishes to be of service through your skills, and administrative talent and services in the Spiritual and Service World? If yes please email your CV to:

"When you serve while you seek to transform,
You bring the Universe into your palms." ♡ © Roshani/May2015

General Job guidelines:

~ A dynamic young personal associate with a loving pleasing personality, smart, trustworthy and enthusiastic soul who is heart driven and looks at the larger picture of growth.
~ Communication skills with fluent spoken and written English, and Hindi.
~ Smart learner to carry out instructions and follow through.
~ Soft skills of patience and long term vision.
~ Growth minded.
~ Areas of residence - preferably in Andheri West or in the nearby western suburbs as we are located in Andheri West.

The personal and spiritual growth for the person shall be exponential, to what she would gain through the experience. More details on the job profile and logistics shall be discussed with shortlisted loving souls. Look forward to working with a soul who's divinely guided for us.

Many Blessings ♡

Sparkling Angels Wholeistic Living & Holistic Healing
Meher Roshani Foundation


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