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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers and Mother Earth ♡

There is a place where I lived,
Before I saw the Earthly World.
You made me feel at home,
Even though I kicked and twirled.
You made sure - all was well with me,
Although you could never see me.
Through the inner telephone your Cord,
You knew it all Oh Mother Divine,
Just like the Omniscient God.... ♡ <3 © Roshani/May2015

Oh Mummy darling 1996 to 2015 Your love and Blessings have just kept flowing manifolds from Heavens above. Love you Granny Mamaiji for giving me the most precious Mother ever. Thank YOU Baba for coming to me in all YOUR Loving Forms.

Thank You and Happy Mothers Day to dear Mother Earth. Sorry for all the misdoings of Your Human Children. Please forgive us and accept our love and forgiveness. Help us with the love and wisdom of God, so that we nurture and nourish you and love you more for all that you give us.

Love and Blessings to all the Mothers and Mothers to be - of Humanity and All of Creation ♡

Stay Blessed ♡

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