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Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy and Blissful 1 Year with Baba - my darling Daddy Dearest ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

A year back today at 8.30 am, my boy scouts warrior and rockstar Dad, you left all the illusory sufferings and went to your Home to our Eternal and ever compassionate Father; Meher Baba and to your loving beloved Nergish.

I thank Baba for coming to me as you both, to bring me into this World. I'm blessed and thankful that your soul chose to live the 90 long years so that I may get an opportunity to be blessed being with you.

Oh my loving dad, - you and mom exactly went to your Eternal Home just the way you wanted, walking talking and rocking till the last day of clinically collapsing and landing into the loving arms of Baba. And that too on the same date of 2nd of - May and September.

I thank and send all my love, gratitude and Baba's Blessings to all my Mamas, Masis, Masa, Mamis, my cousins, my everloving lifeline Yohan , my dearest and loving friends, all my other relatives, colleagues, associates and well wishers, who stood with me and by me, every time in life, when only Love and Prayers could Heal.

Thank YOU Baba for all the strength, courage and forbearance that YOU keep infusing in me on this Earth with. Thank YOU for holding me and pushing me back again, even if I fall to live by YOUR Will and Wish. May I forever be blessed with YOUR Love and Grace to hold onto YOUR Daaman till the very end.

Be blessed Daddy and Mummy in Baba's Eternal Love and Care. Oh "parents" Thou Name is "God" ♡

Take care of your parents and elders, They go through many a things in life, so that we may be blessed to take care of them. Do not miss this priceless God given opportunity to serve 'yourself.'

Love and Blessings to All ♡


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