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Saturday, 30 May 2015

The PIP ~ Patience Implementation Persistence ♡

The three divinely important Truths to remember through our journey towards our Highest Good are ~

♡ If we do half baked things we get half baked results.
♡ If we keep doing old negative things we can not expect or see new positive results.
♡ If we don't implement spiritual guidance and knowledge, it is as good as not having it at all.

Nothing in your outer World can change until you change your Inner World. The peace and calm in your Inner World, is the key and gateway to the freedom, love, harmony, abundance, success and growth in your outer World.

To try and change the superficial outer is not only a futile effort but also drains you of your true inner potential. The PIP - Patience Implementation and Persistence are the ingredients that need to be infused in your daily efforts. ♡ © Roshani/May2015

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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