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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Road Within ♡

Just the way you put headphones to listen to something that can straight go into the heart, put the head phones onto your Heart center to listen to its immaculate silence. When you successfully do that, the inner Ocean shall roar with the Wisdom that lies within each of us. Once the Wisdom starts flowing, you shall unveil the deepest revelations that ~~

 The God Consciousness is One Energy with different forms & names in different Eras! 
♡ Every Era the Form & HIS Teachings change, according to the consciousness levels, sensibilities & learnings to be transcended by Humanity in that Era. 
♡ God Realisation is one destination with different roads, or different modes (Religions/Beliefs) of transport to reach there.
♡ The words maybe different but the teaching & it's essence is the same. We need to feel the essence & not just know the mere words.
♡ We all are blessed as Divinity lives within us. But we are not aware of this Blessing as it is covered in the veils of our ignorance and Karmas.

 So remove your sunglasses to let His sun shine on You.
♡ Remove the umbrella to feel the shower of His blessings. 
♡ Remove the old mind conditioning & beliefs that blind humanity & bind us in the chains of Karma.
♡ Remove the veils of ignorance to see & feel His Presence.

And know whichever mode of transport (Religion/Beliefs/Ways) you take, you have to only reach that One Point; that is Your True Self, through that One Road. And that Road is; The Road Within!  © Roshani/May2015 

Stay Blessed ♡ 
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World! 

Picture: On Air Empowerment on Radio ~ 2013 Dubai 

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