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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Transformational Workshop with Teachers ♡

What a phenomenal blessing to be amidst 65 Teachers for an immensely blessed Transformational Workshop. The most unsung heroes of our lives who most people long forget. To be of service to them was a different feeling.

It was truly my blessing to do this amazing half day spend with these lovely Teachers of the VBM Model High School. I also ended up meeting a childhood friend from my old home who's now a Teacher there. Met her after almost 20 years.

The love, passion and humility the Teachers had was amazing. We had the participating Teachers have some amazing revelations, with their Inner Child healing and rejoicing like never before. Messages were flowing so beautifully for so many of them. Almost 25 of them went back with very specific channeled messages for themselves while all of them had an  amazing inner transformation and "Break-True" ®™.

Mrs. Shahani sent a touching message after her talks with the Teachers on the Shift they felt within and how they shared and truly reinstated the imperativeness and the true need of this across Institutes, with not just Teachers, but students and parents too.

We are doing these amazing workshops for Corporate companies and Institutes as only happy, empowered individuals can be productive and passionate employees, teachers, students or just anyone in any profession and in their personal lives too.

My heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Maya Shahani, Mr. Ram Maheshwary, Mrs Padma Shah and Mr. Peter Dcosta for giving me this super blessed privilege to do this wonderful workshop and be associated with their esteemed organizations. A special thank you and tons of love to my dearest and loving Abha Maryada, for being my Universe's catalyst for this whole beautiful opportunity.

It was a stupendously blessed session and cannot thank my God enough for everything.

Blessings to everyone ♡

Stay Blessed ♡
© April2015 ~ Roshani / Sparkling Angels Wholeistic Living & Holistic Healing

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