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Friday, 16 November 2012

Does a Healer get affected upon Healing a Person? ~ An Important READ for ALL Healers, Lightworkers, Psychics & Esoteric Science Practitioners

Question of the Day: Sur Sharma

I have a question Angels please help me find an answer to it. I have heard that when you send/practice healing, remove blocks/obstacles from past life or present, for others, it affects the Healer/Sender i.e person sending healing to the affected person. Is it true??

Dear Sur, there is a Yes and No to this. Most of the Lightworkers because being inherently giving souls do not take care of their Own Protection, Locking, Inner Healing at times. All the Energy around us and the cosmos is constantly moving. When energy is taken from somewhere, it has to go somewhere it cannot be left in any limbo or vacuum space. When a Healer or Reader extracts any negativity from a Healee; The Healer has to have the capacity to be able to transmute it to the safe deposit vault of Gods White Light where it is completed cleansed and purified. This being done, when the Healer has locked, protected himself or herself in a fortified locking which locks their Auric, Etheric & Astral Bodies; whereby nothing besides the Highest Divine Light can enter Them or the Healee during any such session or residue thereafter.
There are different times when a Healer is affected. So at times when the Healer is not able to do the above of Locking & Protecting themselves they face the resonation of the Healee's negative energies in their Lives. (that is why you see many a Healers & Light workers who face many seeming issues in their own lives, whereas they are constantly helping others). Daily practices of Locking & Protection should be done by

Also there is a Karmic & Cosmic Energy involved here. There are a few Souls who’s calling is, to do Free Spiritual work / seva etc. for the upliftment of Humanity. But most of the other Lightworkers, Psychics, etc. are meant to live their Karmic Lives (of existence) while doing God’s duty & have to exercise their Karmic exchange of survival all the time.)
What They don’t know is that Money is Energy and it is the only Karmic Energy Exchange of Planet Earth. Whether You’re Born or Dying, Birth or Death Ceremony, Marriage or Divorce, Sorrow or Joy, you’re exercising This Karmic Exchange of Money Each time. Even when a Soul Does Free Spiritual Work as A Calling; Someone else is footing Their Karmic Exchange of Survival through donations or support or They are given Universal Support through a route of family abundance or job or assignment that takes care of everything & are guided not to charge at all for any Spiritual Work.
So at any point there is and has to be an Exchange between the Karmic Energy that is Money & Cosmic Energy that is Healing, or any Psychic Esoteric Energy who foots that, is another question.  
So when the Healer without knowing this essence operates out of Society Fear or Mind Conditioning that we are fed with; that Spiritual Work has to be totally Free; because of this misbalance of Exchange of both Energies, the Negative Energy starts resonating on the Healer and thus affects them & also creates Karmic debt at times on the Healee Soul as the Healee has not completed it's Exchange. In such cases the effects of healing also might differ from energy to energy. But Yes, to Balance Spiritual Abundance all Lightworkers, (at least me) on and off guided to do several things, which are to be done without any time energy exchange. Once we follow the Guidance then it flows seamlessly.

Secondly this happens, when the negative energy is too powerful, and it tries to do small things to the Healer, just to maybe deter them from Their path of helping that particular person or anyone else. Example of such are releases that are experienced through crashing of electronics / utilities, meaningless irritation or anger, or Heart Chakra or Throat Chakra that maybe primarily affected or a Vulnerable aspect of the Healers life being aggravated. This is because, the Healer is well locked, and thus the Energy tries to release itself or show its power through external factors. This happens as a release without really harming the Healer, just causing teething issues seemingly for 1 to 3 days depending on the intensity of the negativity.

Thirdly when the Healer themselves have several seeming issues that have not been internally resolved; They attract Clients of similar seeming issues which are meant to surface their Own Awareness of the similar seeming issue and thus find themselves being affected by the seeming issues of the Client. In such cases, one needs to immediately go within & ask help of The Master and Angels to surface & resolve the said matter.

Fourthly it happens often with Crystal Healers who do not take great precaution in cleansing, purifying and locking energy of their Healing Crystals. Crystals absorb energy really fast from the Healee & thus show amazing results, but if the Healer doesn’t do all the 3 above carefully, than the absorbed energy in the Crystal, since it has got no escape, starts resonating with the owner / Healer. Salt is the only dissolvable Crystal & thus has high properties of not just cleansing but releasing negativity through the merger & washing away with the Water Element.

Thus it is important for All Healers, Readers & Psychics to pay great attention to their own Spiritual Protection & Well Being.
Only if YOU remain Protected & in the Well Being of Life;
Will YOU be able to help others around. © Roshani

In HIS Name, Love, & Gratitude,
May Love Light Grace & Abundance be Unto All ^^

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