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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MiRRoR of Life!

heart A Mirror shows you the Truth when You're in front of it.
It shows You the Truth; depending where You stand.
The Moment you move away, the Truth moves away with you.

heart That is because the Mirror is Not attached to You or Your Truth. It is a mere catalyst to reflect Your Truth, but does not Hold Your Truth.
It is but a Reflection & Not You or anyone, as a Whole.

heart The Mirror stays where it is. It is You who moves towards it or away from it.
The same way; It is You who moves towards Your Truth or away from the Truth.

heart So do not be attached to the Reflections outside of You. They are nothing but a passing Mirage.
Operate as your Own Spectator; Your Own Mirror;
Detached but still Portraying the Truth.

heart So Be a Mirror in Life ~
Live In the World; But not Of the World. heart © Roshani *