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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Why Does God Not give us the Ability to Know our Purpose & exercise our Freewill accordingly Throughout Life?

Question of the Day on our FB Page:
by Prashaant Kumar
Q. If the purpose of every Soul is to eventually merge with the LIGHT, back to Godhead, and the soul pre-decides its life's course when it assumes a physical form ... then why does it stray from its path? I appreciate God giving us free will but whats the point of it if it can potentially stray us from our path? Why didn't God give us the ability to know our purpose throughout and use our free will only in accordance with that purpose?

♥ Dear Prashaant in One sentence the answer would be...
Then there would be no HUMAN EVOLUTION... (i.e. Evolv-U-Towards-soluTION)
That Solution which is called "God Realization." As per Meher Baba in the 4 stages of Humanity, Eons of Lifetimes Humanity has Evolved, Reincarnated, and now is in the stage of Involution moving towards Realization.

Angels like always would like to put this, in a daily life scenario to explain it further.

Imagine it to be, like a writer of a TV series. Until & unless he creates drama, how can the characters Evolve and keep doing things till the 2000th Episode??? How will there be a proper beginning, middle and end to the story?
If the bad plot bursts right at the beginning, then how will the Good prove its Patience & Existence?
Same way it is with Humanity. It is our Soul's learning and unlearning that evolves us to the next step.
The Soul upon incarnation on Earth, moves away from its Path somewhere or the other, as it's not given the Cosmic Memory of Conscious Remembering of the Blueprint of Life. 
And That is the Biggest Lesson.  
To be Aware of the Current Life you've Chosen; 
Without being Aware of What & Why You've Chosen. 
Anyone can make a decision if we knew everything. Then Where is the Test to Choose?
Does a Teacher reveal the Question Paper to You? NO. But you're definitely expected to make the Right Choice in the Answers & write the right answers as per your learning, studying & understanding.
Freewill means Choice, and Where there is Choice, there is something always good, better or bad or worse, right or wrong. It is like True or False in Exams or a "KBC / Who wants to be a Millionaire" of TV, where you can chose out of the 4 options all the Time. Without doing that, you can't go on to the next Level can you?

The same applies to the Soul.
Each Incarnation we decide the Soul Lessons, Karmic Debts to be wiped off & other Karmic Lessons to be learnt or taught. We chose our parents, our country, our surroundings and all other things that will contribute towards that learnings List in the Blueprint. 
Manouvering & Steering the life as per the Incarnated Life surroundings & circumstances is the Test to Transcend these lessons. Now whether we learn & transcend them, or not, we do end up creating a whole new list of Karmic Baggages due to the Veil that is there on our Consciousness & thus require another Life time to score that off.
So during it's visit to this Boarding School called Earth, Whether the Soul lets its Higher Consciousness which knows the Blueprint, exercise this Freewill or gets carried away in Exercising it through His Physical Ego Mind, completely depends on the Person. And that Decision, is what makes the Difference. 

There comes a time in some Souls' Lives, where their Purpose of Life is awakened, as their Higher Consciousness starts operating & steering the Path towards this Purpose & Mission. When that happens, the Soul starts surrending to the Pathway that is being paved & seamlessly starts moving towards this Higher Mission & Purpose. The Sync of Events brings togehter people, opportunities, thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas that all contribute towards this One Mission.

It is during this time of Soul ascension that, the Soul might face the toughest Tests because "Higher the Degree; Tougher the Exams". So One must at such times be prepared & be totally unshaken, undeterred, with unconditional faith & trust in Divinity & steadily move towards the Final Goal of "God Realization", whether or not its acheived in this very lifetime.

Also at this stage, a sense of Oneness sets into the Soul, where the Soul is Aligned with the One God, One Light & All its Creation. The I AM BEING, starts recognizing the Divinity in Everyone & Everything around & within him/herself
Where You come to know that, 
You are Everything;
But You are Nothing;
And it is in this Nothing;
That You become Everything!!!

♥ © Roshani

In HIS Name, Love, & Gratitude, 
In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All ^^

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