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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NEED v/s WANT ~ What is Your Emotion?

Here's an extract of A Beautiful conversation on Need v/s Want.
    The Angels have only Loving words irrespective of what we ask
    them. So here's what was asked; And what flowed to answer it.

    Q Why do you think Sex is Needed in this World?


  You've answered it.... The answer is in the word "Need"

    Q Wow
    What you “Need” will addict or spiral you down; what you “Want” will Empower you. Sex is the “Need” – Love is the “Want”. When there is only lust or sex; Love may or may not follow. But when there is Love; sex & intimacy does follow and get embedded. “Need” is of a clingy, sticky, lower vibrational emotion, while “Want” is an Empowering emotion of freedom and thus of Higher Vibration.

    Q How do you find what is need and what is want?

     The difference in Need & Want is; You may have or get what you need; You may not always have what you want. Your Parents may have given you all that You Required; But not Given You all that You Wanted.
 For example; you may need good food and you may get it; you may want exotic food which you may or may not get.

    Q How do u then control that desire?


  Desire should not to controlled .... desire controlled is desire implemented... desire has to be eradicated. And it can only be eradicated through meditation, prayers, soul healing & a good amount of Inner Work.

    Q And how to meditate? It's difficult to blank the mind.


  There are various ways. Meditation is not blanking the Mind; it is Witnessing the Mind without acknowledging it. It is to be the Spectator of that Mind Chatter that constantly keeps hovering in us. And once you surrender to that witnessing or the Higher Power, there is no fear as you’ve left the fear far behind because when you surrender to someone or something;
    You surrender to the Faith!
    You surrender to the Trust!
    You surrender to the Love!

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