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Thursday, 1 November 2012


In Life where Everything Begins from Self;
It doesn't End there;
It becomes Infinite when shared!
♥ So share Your Love;
♥ Share Your Gifts & Talents;
♥ Share Your Care;
♥ Share Your Words;
♥ Share Your Wisdom;
♥ Share Your Knowledge;
♥ Share Your Joys;
♥ Share Your Wealth;
And as You Share;
You get it all back Multifold & more to Spare!
So Stop by your Mind Junction each day & Think;
"What did I Share Today?"
The days You have an Answer; You will feel greater Peace Within ^♥^ © Roshani

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In HIS Name, Love, & Gratitude,
May Love Light Grace & Abundance be Unto All ^^