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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Holding on to Divinity ^♥^

Hold on to Divinity with implicit Faith, irrespective of what is going on around You.
Stay Calm; Stay Centered in Meditation, Prayers, Chanting whatever gives You Peace;
Ask for help, You cant find solutions if you're constantly feeding yourself with worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity.
Give Compassion & Not Sympathy to the ones who need help,
But do not get attached to the grief of World Events;

You cannot be in the same Pit to help anyone out.
Help or bring help for those who are mentally or emotionally collapsing,
As Suicide might seem the easiest way out for many. Save the Soul from making any such decision.
Karmic closures, turbulence in health, relationships or finance will be witnessed;
Whichever is your most vulnerable aspect of life, the negative energies will latch on to that.
It is like, You will have an upset stomach with one outside meal; but that will take a few days to get well;
You might have one fall and have a fracture, but it will take weeks to heal,
This is because, Negativity travels faster than Positivity at anytime.
If You sow Cactus seeds, You will see Cactus trees in the Now of Tomorrow,
If You sow Apple seeds, You will see Apple trees.
Stay Emotionally Balanced as in this period;
Energies will drag You faster than before; where You Focus the Most!
So Be in Awareness of what you're sowing in your NOW!
Release all Fears of the Past and Fears of the Future.
NOW is the Only Point of Existence.
Learn from the Now of the Past, Plan the Now of Tomorrow,
But LIVE only in the NOW of the Present!
What you experience in Every Now;
Is due to the Choices You made in the Now of Yesterday!
^♥^ © Roshani

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In HIS Name, Love, & Gratitude,
May Love Light Grace & Abundance be Unto All ^♥^