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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Be a Universal Citizen ~ Daily Pray for Mother Earth ♡♡♡

Let each of us as a Universal citizen rise up to pray for Nepal, and many other places across the World that are undergoing the natural wrath of all the unserving that we have dumped into it.
Please cover Mother Earth in a large pink and green light bubble and ask God's Mercy to fill it. Pray for all Divine Angels and Beings to enwrap our World in the Light of God.

Pray that:
May all survivors receive timely help and may all Souls who have moved on, be protected in the Light to move on with their Spiritual journey.
Please share prayers and positivity in this seeming darkest hours that Humanity and Creation is going through.

And please do not forget Mother Earth after every such natrual catastrophe. Pray not just for today but everyday for few minutes. Pray for the World and wrap Mother Earth in the prayers above as daily somewhere, someone is going through the process which is not in control of any Human or Science.

Pray for Love to fill this Earth and may strength, courage, positive surrender, and oneness prevail and reign.

Light Workers please send daily healing and prayers and use all Divine tools gifted to us, to send Healing and prayers to the World and dear Mother Earth.

Love Prayers Blessings and protection to all involved, at all times.

Stay Blessed ♡ Roshani

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