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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Whether you have a Spiritual experience or not, is also your unique experience ♡ Trust IT

In the last five years this is only the 2nd time when in my completely closed room have received this shower of Grace through a little white feather. Even though there are many more different ways in which Divinity has shown it's presence felt, the imprtant aspect has been, not to get attached or affected by the happenings or non happenings of any such experiences. Even though I may seemingly have never seen the fancy lights and images and visions of the Divine World, it has had no direct effect on my inner connect with the Divine World; and the endeavor is to share that aspect with one and all.

Each of us is unique and so is our experiences, even if we go through the same thing, in the same format of layers of events. You may give the same recipe to 10 women to make it but even then each one's taste shall be different.

Never judge your Spiritual growth with your experiences or phenomenon that occur in the Earthly or Mental planes, as there is no tangible equivalent to that at the soul level. Which means me experiencing things or not is not a criteria to my real Soul Ascension.

The real soul ascension is in the persistent, consistent and patient implementing of all divine tools and wisdom that may have been got your way by Divinity in your Divine Timing and as per your Divine capacity. A child in Class 1 is not given syllabus of Class 2 or 3 or 10. You have to pass your given tests and exams of that Class to close the lessons and move on. But knowing that neither lessons nor exams shall ever stop to exist. Only your capacity to learn and execute shall result through your executing of the same.

It is imprtant to know that conviction in Divinity really means to hold on to it, without seeing and knowing the tangible. That leap of heart then makes Divinity keep giving us interval appearances of being there for and with us.

Never compare yourself with the experiences of others. Never develop and have spiritual ego or inferiority complex, for being able to see, feel, hear, or experience these phenomenon or for not being able to experience them. Each one's experiences are connected to the potential of our inner faculties that are latent and inherently present in each of us. The difference is the intensity and whether these faculties of God Energy are awakened or not by us, and within us.

Always know and remember; There is nothing to prove and to no one, but our own Spirit; the God within.

So move ahead on this pathless way towards your own Soul Ascension, only focusing on the service and result of your own life. And once you do that diligently the Gateways of the Universe shall be thrown open to reach your True Self; the God within and Beyond. ♡ © Roshani/April2015

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World!

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