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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Surround Yourself with Love & Light ♡

Whether when connections are working or connections are down; prayers, conviction of our faith and positive surrender are the fastest WiFi hotlines to the Higher Power within and Beyond us.

Keep praying chanting affirming the highest good for all involved in the seeming situation in Nepal and surrounding countries and places.

Keep sending love and seeking forgiveness from Mother Earth asking her to calm down. May we be graced with Light and Wisdom.

You can join our daily Global Healing Circle of Light for our Mother Earth, Fellow Humans and all of Creation. Daily 12 to 12.20 am IST.

Love Prayers Blessings and Protection to all involved and to Mother Earth. ♡ © Roshani/April2015

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World!

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