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Monday, 27 April 2015

Global Healing Circle of Light for Nepal; all of World & Creation ♡

We are continuing the Global Healing Circle for few more days until guided further. You may join us in Intent from wherever you are. We thank all who joined us yesterday night and contributed their energies for the same.

Do go through the instructions in the post enclosed.

Write your name in the Comment Box here on the Blog or on our page on FB -- so that we can increase more power to the Circle by including and intending your name too, while you follow the intent and instructions at your end.

Instructions ☆○☆ Circle of Light

We are having a Global Healing Circle of Light for our Mother Earth, Fellow Humans and all of Creation. tonight at 12 am to 12.30 am IST (Indian Standard Time)

Roshani will be praying and intending a Global Circle of Light for Mother Earth and all affected parts of the World through natural or man made calamities.

You would need to be in quiet time for 20 mins from 12 to 12.20 IST. You can join in from wherever you are with the intent -
"I am in Spirit with Roshani Shenazz currently in Mumbai, India. I open all my heart and divine channels to be a part of the Global Circle of Light intended and prayed upon by her, right now, right here. Across all time and space and all directions, I am with Roshani Shenazz right now."

Remain quiet in your inner silence and open Your eyes after 20 mins and Thank God, Angels and all of Divinity for their Love Light and Protection.

Dear All, also a humble request, please let's be sensitive and not crack jokes or pass forward messages of panic regarding the natural calamities that are unfolding, unless we verify the fact of that message, through an authentic News channel on TV or Internet. It is the least we can do, by being blessed to be safe. Please keep the prayers ongoing. Chant, Affirm or Intent positive thoughts and keep covering the parts and all involved in constant love, prayers, Blessings and protection.

♡ © Roshani/April2015
Stay Blessed ♡

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