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Monday, 27 April 2015

Count your blessings; Life is ONE breath ♡ ☆ ♡

Thank you everyone for joining in for the Global Healing Circle of Light yesterday midnight. It was very powerful and at a point of sending more love to all involved and Mother Earth to get calm, I could feel pain and involuntary tears as if the Earth was many people crying through my body. Don't have more words to describe the mercy that flowed or the energy that took over.
Thank you for contributing your energies.
Truly grateful to each of you who joined in.

It was very powerful and even before starting all evening I was almost zoned and the energy had expanded drastically... I could easily have weighed 5 to 6 kgs more on the scale than it is. Couldn't eat and just had soup.. Head was like a whole mountain of divinity had descended and actually had to get my head pounded to be in Earthly zone before I began...

Then got one of my Angel's call.. she went seemingly unwell because of probable stress of her parent's seeming illness.. then sent her healing and we did the Light... the whole night was different in some way that I can't point out.

As said earlier the mercy that flowed was immense. Truly trying to move mankind from their own pits that we have dug.... the Earth seemed like a wailing Mother who was inconsolable but Baba's love was like almost hugging Her tight and saying "calm down now. After all they are all our children good or bad...."

Count your blessings and let no wounds in life break you. Life is neither short nor long, life is simply unpredictable. And all that is seemingly with us is that moment of Now and the breath that accompanies it. Spend very valued moment of that blessed breath carefully.

Keep your prayers ongoing please. Intent: "Heal dear Mother Earth and please forgive us. May you and your creation be wrapped in the love, light, mercy and protection of God."

Love Prayers Blessings and Protection to all ♡ © Roshani/April2015

Stay Blessed ♡

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