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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Be a window in someone's house □♡□

For every house become a window,
for every field, a rose garden.
Run out of your self,
abandon your existence,
become Me without me. ~♡~ Jelaluddin Rumi

More load and baggage of energies off with the manes....
Yesterday while going to the Baba Center, a 12 year old boy was selling these flowers at the roadside.. first I told him a few times that, I really didn't want to take them.. but not going to many others around, he insisted and kept saying they last for many days etc and are exotic so I must take them (honestly no shame in stating that i dont know yet the name of these flowers).

Then he said in Hindi, something that hit me home "didi please take these flowers they live very long didi take it to your home.. if you take them I can go home..." That moment felt that the entire bunch truly wanted to come home so that he could go to his...

And thus got them home with love, cherishing the fact that the kid could go home after that and I could be graced by Baba to be the little "window of his house" .... 

Jai Baba ♡ Blessings to all

#roshani #rumi

Stay Blessed ♡

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