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Sunday, 26 April 2015

When will we learn ♡ Global Circle of Light tonight

Are the Alarms of the Universe not loud enough for Humanity to wake up? (Please read Circle of Light instructions at the end)

We fight for parking. We fight for water. We fight for food. We fight for property We fight for religion. We fight for God. We fight for life. We fight for death. We fight outside of us, but moresoever we fight within us. And because of all the real conflicts within us they take shape and manifest in the tangible World as conflicts with and around us.

We destroy Mother Earth and then fight for the boundaries we create upon her. We shed gallons of blood and money to protect this foolish seeming hard work of Humanity to capture and protect these blood boundaries.

And as we grow more dense with our acts the vulnerability of existence is becoming so fragile and supple that in seconds Mother Earth erases all such boundaries. And we are left gasping, and running like headless chickens, totally flummoxed at the intensity and speed of the wipe out of those heart shaking seconds compared to the years of futile work of gross Karma, we created in making those boundaries and seemingly protecting them or short changing someone or to capture them.

If we are not going to Awaken now from our self centered living to selfless living; Nothing and No one can save the dilapidated Humanity. And that awakening starts from You and me. Rise like the shining sun and do not let clouds, cover your inherent force and God Energy like a setting sun which quietly recedes because it feels it's job is done for the day.

Nurture Mother Earth in your own unique way. Pray daily, for the World not just during calamities. Seek Forgiveness for the destruction collective consciousness of Humanity is causing. Plant trees. Rescue animals. Voice and stop people from destruction if you come across them. Do not litter, spit, kill elemental species and do a dance of mayhem upon Mother Earth; as all this that we do, SHE quietly absorbs it; but there comes a saturation point where SHE has to let it all out. And that blowing of the Whistle; we God forbid never want to hear.

Gallons of love to Mother Earth and deep deep forgiveness for all that we have done.

Love Prayers Blessings and Protection to all in Nepal, North India and all other parts of the Globe. ♡ Roshani

12 midnight today IST; Roshani will be praying and intending a Global Circle of Light for Mother Earth and all affected parts of the World through natural or man made calamities.

You would need to be in quiet time for 20 mins from 12 to 12.20 IST. You can join in from wherever you are with the intent -
"I am in Spirit with Roshani Shenazz currently in Mumbai, India. I open all my heart and divine channels to be a part of the Global Circle of Light intended and prayed upon by her, right now, right here. Across all time and space and all directions, I am with Roshani Shenazz right now."

Remain quiet in your inner silence and open Your eyes after 20 mins and Thank God, Angels and all of Divinity for their Love Light and Protection.

Stay Blessed ♡

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