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Monday, 29 October 2012

How to Deal with Suicides of Close Ones? ~ Daily Questions

Question of the Day: Sparkling Angels Holistic Healing
Binoxy Parakh: "How do we deal with memories of Suicides of Close Ones? I lost a dear friend & feel if I had not gone for my trip I would have been able to stop her. Why did she take such a drastic step? What made a religious, caring soul commit suicide? All these questions keep coming to me."

 Dear Binoxy, heartfelt love & warmth to console your grieved heart. There are various factors in each ones life that drives us to certain thoughts, emotions, patterns and thus actions. These things are not driven overnight. They accumulate over a period of time & when they get to the Volcanic Point of reaching the Brim; They Erupt & a massive force of Courage takes over for a person to take such a drastic step.

Yes, unlike what we believe & perceive that Suicide is a Cowardly act, it is actually the Opposite.
It is the Inner Weakness or the collapsing of the Soul, that actually creates an equal & opposite reaction which gives rise & power to the Physical Mind to plunge forward & garner Courage; for taking this drastic step towards The Point of No Return called Suicide.

Spiritually, the consequences of Suicidal Souls is not good at all. So instead of grieving or binding them with Questions, all we should do is Pray for their elevation and Pray they be helped by other Elevated Souls, Guides & Masters in the Spiritual Realms, to redeem this action on Earth and move towards the Light.

For more on how childhood, or other life patterns contribute to Suicide please read this Blog that is enclosed.

May Love, Light, Grace & Wisdom be Unto All 
© Roshani

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