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Friday, 26 October 2012

Spiritually Healing Everyday Worries

A Beautiful piece on how to Spiritually Heal our Worries on a day to day level. We let these big and small issues, concerns, hurts or resentments of ourselves, others or world at large, erode us from within; With or without our knowledge, until a time comes when we are pushed off the Cliff and made to realize our negligence towards our Divine Life.
But we don't always have to hold the rope when we are thrown off the Cliff. We can tie the rope of Divinity and go Rappelling :) 
So, with small conscious efforts like that mentioned herein, you can move towards a daily cleansing of all the baggage that you otherwise carry. Stop living your or other people's worries. As what you focus on will only multiply itself. And if you cannot change it; What use it is, anyways of worrying. 
Know that it is a vicious chain and unless you Break it; you'd always be spinning within its Inner Circle. 
So step forward & move towards being what you truly are: "Perfect, Whole, Complete & Abundant"
^ ♥ ^  

Spiritually Healing Worries

Today’s date is 10-26 (or 26-10), which in Angel Numbers means, “Give any fears or worries to God, and listen to and follow your divine guidance which will lead you to actions you can take to insure that your earthly needs are met.”

When you’re stressed and worried, you need God’s guidance the most. Unfortunately, the stress and worry can shut you down spiritually so that you can’t clearly hear or feel God’s presence and messages. God is right next to you, omnipresent within and around you. But when you’re stressed, you shut down and can’t hear or feel Love.

Under stress, your breathing becomes shallow. And deep steady breath is what opens you up to connecting with the Divine. Under stress, you may turn to alcohol, drugs, or junk food to numb the emotional pain. Unfortunately, these substances also numb our psychic senses.

The way out of this cycle is by facing everything you’re stressed about. Take these fears out into the fresh air by admitting them to yourself and to God.

Then, write everything you’re worried about. Hold nothing back. Write about personal and global concerns. You can write this on a paper or a computer document. It’s important to write the fears instead of just creating a mental list.

Once you’ve written about your concerns (and it may be several pages long), on the top of the list, please write the words, “God please help me with these: “

God, being the infinite wisdom and Source, knows the way out of seemingly hopeless situations. Please don’t tell God HOW to solve the problems, because the solution will be illogical and ingenious. Similarly, please don’t waste time or energy worrying or wondering how your prayers will be answered.

Your job is to ask for help (because of Free Will, God and the angels await our request for help before intervening), and then listen to and follow guidance which comes as a result of your request for help.

Rarely are prayers answered without human action steps. This means that, if you want a solution, you will need to follow guidance and take action. Sitting around and complaining that your prayers go unheard will just make things worse.

Keep praying! Pray for yourself, your family, and our world. I’m praying for you.

“Dear God, Thank you for your strength, power, and infinite love. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, and helping me to forgive myself as you forgive me. Thank you for lifting away my burdens and facing me toward your light. Thank you for reminding me of my divine heritage, and my true spiritual nature. Thank you for uplifting my heart and mind, and helping me to fall back in love with life itself. Amen.”

With love and respect,

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