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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Candle of Divinity!

The Candle and You

I am the Candle of Divinty. I have been placed in 1 Corner of the room of Your Life to spread The Light. I don't move, You are brought to me. 

When You come closer to me You & Your surrounding is illuminated. When You walk away from me, My Light starts fading until, You reach the other side of the room, where My Light does not reach. 

But that Darkness which You have now moved into, does not emit from me. It exists only when You move away from me. You always have a choice whet
her to stay around me, with me, or move away from me. 

Till You are with me, You and Anyone or Anything that comes around You, will also be Illuminated; thus making You an Indirect Source of My Light. 

After staying with me for a considerable time, You may also be given a choice to Become a Candle Yourself, and You can do that by merging into me and Lighting Yourself up from My Flame. Now You are free to go wherever You want, as You would be spreading The Light in someone else's Corner of Life.

But whether You just decide to stay with me and illuminate Yourself and your surrounding, or You decide to Become the Candle yourself, know that the Darkness does not Belong to Me. The Darkness has no existence of it's Own, as it does not have any Source of Emission. Darkness gets recognition and comes to existence, Only when You move away from Me, The Light; and start moving to a place where I don't Reach or Exist.

So whichever Corner of Your Life I may be in, make sure; 

You stay with The Light, or Be the Light; 

And whatever the way You choose, make sure;
You keep Spreading The Light. ^♥^ © Roshani 

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